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German prosecutors charge man with supporting al-Qaida, co-founding terror group

(APW) German prosecutors on Wednesday announced terrorism charges against a man accused of helping fund al-Qaida and supplying foreign fighters to al-Qaida in Iraq. 

The suspect identified only as Redouane E.H., 37 is also accused of co-founding a terrorist group in Sudan, federal prosecutors said in a statement, without elaborating. 

The man, who holds both German and Moroccan citizenship and was a resident of the northern city of Kiel, was arrested in Germany last July. 

He was charged with supporting a foreign terrorist organization and violating German export laws for his alleged actions to support al-Qaida and al-Qaida in Iraq between August 2005 and July 2006. 

Prosecutors said he made four money transfers worth a total euro5,000 (US$6,800) to Egypt and Syria. The funds, they said, were destined to supply equipment for “holy warriors,” cover the cost of explosives training and pay off a people-smuggler. 

Between May and July last year, they said, he is suspected of helping al-Qaida in Iraq by “arranging jihad fighters from Morocco and Egypt” supplying money and logistical support for people-smuggling. 

He is also accused of founding a terrorist organization abroad in June or July of last year, along with four other people who were not identified. 

The aim of that group was “to build up a front in Sudan against the ‘crusaders'” and wage “holy war” in accordance with calls from Osama bin Laden, prosecutors’ statement said. They alleged that the suspect’s planned tasks including recruiting trainers and helping with financing. 

The statement did not offer more details about the group’s intentions, and federal prosecutors could not immediately be reached for comment. 

Prosecutors said they also believe Redouane E.H. swore an oath of loyalty in August 2005 to Taliban leader Mullah Omar, “who was authorized by Osama bin Laden to receive declarations of enlistment.” 

The alleged oath, in which the suspect said he was prepared to provide fighters and financing, was delivered by Internet to an intermediary, whom prosecutors did not identify. 

When Redouane E.H. was arrested last year, prosecutors said he was suspected of being in contact with Said Bahaji, who had close ties to the three Sept. 11, 2001, suicide pilots who lived and studied in Hamburg, among them ringleader Mohamed Atta. 

Bahaji fled Germany shortly before the attacks and remains at large, sought on an international arrest warrant issued by Germany. 

However, Wednesday’s statement made no mention of that connection. Prosecutors declined to elaborate on the statement. 

The charges were filed April 25. There was no immediate word on when the suspect might go on trial.


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