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Negroponte warns of Al-Qaeda moving south of the Sahara

(AFP) US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte warned in an interview published Friday of the risks of Al-Qaeda spreading into the region immediately south of the Sahara desert. 

Speaking to the Financial Times and other European newspapers from Brussels, Negroponte also insisted that the threat of terrorism would spread if the United States pulled out from Iraq too quickly, and added that the United States was concerned that Iran was supplying Afghanistan’s Taliban militia with bombs. 

“I think there’s a concern that Al-Qaeda might expand its efforts into the Sahel region (immediately south of the Sahara),” Negroponte told the papers, naming Chad, Mali and Niger as possible areas of concern. 

Negroponte added that the so-called “merger” of the Algerian terrorist group, the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat with Al-Qaeda had “compounded the concerns of people in the region.” 

Commenting on Iraq, Negroponte argued that an early American withdrawal could have a detrimental effect on terrorist activity in the region, and called for the Iraqi parliament to quickly pass laws on de-Baathification and hydrocarbons “before the end of the summer.” 

He also spoke of the American belief that Iran was supplying the Taliban with bombs to help them in their insurgency against coalition forces there: “Even in my capacity previous as director of national intelligence, there were some concerns about what appeared to be movement of some weapons and explosive devices across the border from Iran into Afghanistan.”


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