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Tankers Carrying Oil For NATO Forces Gutted In Rocket Attack

(Business Recorder) At least 10 Afghanistan bound oil tankers and petroleum worth million of rupees gutted when some unknown miscreants fired rockets on them near Pak-Afghan border at Torkham on Monday morning. The oil tankers were carrying petroleum for Nato forces always remained under attack from the forces fighting war against peace both sides of border. 

On Monday, the miscreants fired five bullets in which two hit the oil tankers. “Initially the fire was broke out in two hit oil tankers, but later other parked vehicles were also engulfed by the heavy fire,” an eyewitness told the journalists at Torkham border. 

The oil tankers usually loaded at Attock Oil Refinery to supply it to Nato forces hunting down al Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan since the deployment of peace force in the war-torn Afghanistan. 

“A total of 58 oil tankers were parked in the area. However 48 of them were protected after arranging a fire brigade to extinguished the fire, an owner of oil tanker said. He said that the political administration has no fire extinguishing arrangements and the fire brigade was arranged by the owners of the oil tankers themselves. 

Haji Gul Rahim Shinwari, the owner of another oil tanker informed that the oil tankers usually parked in an open space without any security arrangements. He said that the petroleum companies should either make timely arrangement of the export documents or provide them security to prevent the occurrence of such incidents in future. 

Each oil tanker, he said carry 44000-litre of petroleum worth million of rupees and an oil tanker worth Rs 3 million. He called for provision of security for them to prevent their losses. The oil tankers were being purchased through payment in instalments of Rs 30,000/- per month. The Monday incident was second during the current month as earlier 8 oil tankers had been gutted in a similar rocket attack near Landikotal.


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