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IAEA chief says Iran ‘three to eight’ years from nuclear weapon

LUXEMBOURG (Thomson Financial) – The head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog expressed concern Thursday about Iran’s growing nuclear capacity and his organisation’s powerlessness to monitor the programme. 

He said it was difficult to say exactly how far Iran was away from developing a nuclear weapon, should it want to do that, but that it could happen in the next decade. 

‘In other words three to eight years from now,’ he said. ‘We are moving toward Iran building capacity and knowledge without the agency in a position to be able to verify the nature or the scope of that programme,’ Mohamed Elbaradei told reporters in Luxembourg. 

‘The agency level of knowledge is deteriorating, and the parties are not getting together and negotiating,’ he said. ‘I exhort all the parties to create the conditions to go into full negotiations.’ 

‘If we continue in that direction we will end up with a major confrontation, we would reduce the possibilities of a peaceful resolution of that issue,’ he said on the sidelines of a conference on preventing nuclear catastrophe. 

His remarks came a day after his International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released a report that maintains Iran persists in defying UN demands to stop enriching uranium and is expanding the work. 

The report could open the door to new sanctions against the Islamic Republic, which is suspected of trying to develop an atomic bomb under the cover of its civilian nuclear programme. 

Both France and the US have reacted to the report by renewing calls for sanctions against Iran. 

‘Iran needs to listen to the international community and to suspend its enrichment activities as a confidence-building measure but also the international community should do its utmost to engage Iran into comprehensive dialogue,’ Elbaradei said.


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