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Muslim Americans tell what they think

(Jersey Journal) The Pew Research Center claimed it has done the first-ever, nationwide random sample survey of Muslim Americans and released its findings on Tuesday. The survey shows this section of America believes that Muslims coming to the United States should try and adopt American customs, rather than trying to remain “distinct from the larger society.” 

The Center conducted more than 55,000 interviews to get a national sample of 1,050 Muslims living here. 

Overall, it paints Muslims as enjoying life in this country and having moderate views on issues that divide Muslims in other parts of the world and Americans. 

By nearly two-to-one (63 percent to 32 percent) Muslim Americans say they do not see a conflict between being a practicing devout Muslim and living in a modern society, according to the center. 

There are some concerns raised by the study’s results. While the study shows that a majority of Muslim Americans reject Islamic extremism, those who are native-born African-American Muslims living in this country are least likely to condemn al Qaeda. Also, younger Muslims in this country, 26 percent of those interviewed, are much more likely than their elders to justify suicide bombings when they are seen as being in the defense of Islam. 

A majority of American Muslims, 53 percent, also believe life has become difficult for them since 9/11 and that they are the focus of more surveillance by the government. If there is an increase in monitoring, it may be because of the views of Muslim youth on suicide bombings and that the survey shows 40 percent of the Muslim population does not believe that Arabs carried out the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 

There should be some public concern about the 9/11 denial. Yet, 71 percent of those interviewed believe that hard work pays off in this society and are willing to meet the challenge to achieve a better life. Like everyone else, Muslim Americans want to achieve the American Dream and it helps mitigate some concerns. 

More information on the Pew Center survey can be found at – a Web site for the opinion research group, which studies attitudes toward the press, politics and public policy issues.


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