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US PREPARES TO STRIKE AT SYRIA; and accuses Iran of an offensive in Iraq

(Defense And Security) INFORMATION CAMPAIGN UNDER WAY TO JUSTIFY AMERICA’S STRIKE AT SYRIA; Russian experts believe that the Americans should keep their distance from Syria. 

This Tuesday, several senior officials of the US Administration condemned Iran and Syria of deliberate boat-rocking in Iraq so as to speed up American withdrawal from it and bring this country into their sphere of influence. The Americans announced that Tehran was using Shi’ah volunteers and Al-Qaeda detachments as its instruments. 

The Guardian quoted a well-placed American source in Iraq as saying that “Iran is nursing a scheme of a summer offensive against Iraq aimed to elbow the United States out.” The source proceeded to say that Tehran was using Sunni gunmen from Al-Qaeda and Shi’ah volunteers (first and foremost, the Mahdi Army under Muktada as-Sadr) against the Americans in Iraq. The Guardian asked the official how Shi’ah Iran could have anything with Sunni Al-Qaeda. “Syria is the intermediary,” he replied. “It is Damascus that has been training jihad warriors. It is from the Syrian territory that Al-Qaeda detachments penetrate Iraq.” 

“Iran is using Syria as its base in the destabilization of Iraq and Lebanon,” John Bolton, former US Representative to the UN, who is associated with American Enterprise Institute (AEI), told FOX News that same day. “It is via Syria that Tehran controls Shi’ah Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Al-Qaeda structure in Mesopotamia that operates in Iraq.” 

AEI expert Fillip Kagan told this newspaper that “an alliance between Sunni Al-Qaeda and Shi’ah Iran with Syria as an intermediary is paradoxical only at first sight.” “All these forces share one objective. They are out to destabilize Iraq so as to have the American troops out as soon as possible,” Kagan said. 

Russian analysts hold a different view. “That Iran is capable of controlling Al-Qaeda – even with Syria as the go-between – is unlikely,” Alexander Khramchikhin of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis said. “Moreover, support of Al-Qaeda in Iraq is the last thing Iran needs at this point… Iran does not need a strong Al-Qaeda in Sunni areas of Iran when the Americans are gone.” 

Khramchikhin suspects that this leak to the media signifies an information campaign preceding an American strike at Iran or Syria. “The Americans lack the strength for a mass strike at Iran. It means that Damascus is their target.” The Americans apparently need a brief triumphant war with Syria to up the rating of Bush’s Administration and the Republican Party in general on the eve of the presidential campaign. Khramchikhin cautions Americans not to expect an easy victory. “From the military standpoint, Syria is much stronger now than Iraq was under Saddam Hussein in 2003,” he said. “There was no decade-long blockade to sap the strength of the country. Syrian armed forces wield sophisticated weapons. Getting involved with Syria is looking for trouble.”


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