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Additional Details On Flight 327 Released

(The Washington Times) The inspector general for Homeland Security late Friday released new details of what federal air marshals say was a terrorist dry run aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 327 from Detroit to Los Angeles on June 29, 2004. 

Several portions of the report remain redacted. The release stems from a Freedom of Information request by The Washington Times in April 2006. The Times first reported on July 22 that this and other probes and dry runs were occurring on commercial flights since the September 11 terrorist attacks. 

Excerpts fom 51-page inspector general report: 

On the flight, 13 Middle Eastern men behaved in a suspicious manner that aroused the attention and concern of the flight attendants, passengers, air marshals and pilots. 

Briefly, the following events occurred. Thirteen Middle Eastern men were traveling together as a musical group, 12 carrying Syrian passports and one, a lawful permanent resident of the United States of Lebanese descent, purchased one-way tickets from Detroit to Los Angeles. Six of the men arrived at the gate together after boarding began, then split up and acted as if they were not acquainted. According to air marshals, the men also appeared sweaty and nervous. An air marshal assigned to Flight 327 observed their behavior and characterized it as “unusual,” but made no further reports at the time. 

During the flight, the men again acted suspiciously. Several of the men changed seats, congregated in the aisles, and arose when the fasten seat belt sign was turned on; one passenger moved quickly up the aisle toward the cockpit and, at the last moment, entered the first class lavatory. The passenger remained in the lavatory for about 20 minutes. Several of the men spent excessive time in the lavatories. Another man carried a large McDonald’s restaurant bag into a lavatory and made a thumbs-up signal to another man upon returning to his seat.


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  1. So….did he chuck in the bag or something…this seems insignificant.

    Check out Christopher Ruddy

    Comment by shelbspeaks | May 29, 2007 | Reply

  2. Until Americans regain the courage and initiative to confront these demented freaks from Islam, and treat them they way they treat infidels, we will be defeated by them in the long run. Kadafy said that at the rate muslim women are breading in Europe, they will have 150 million muslims there in 20 years and they will take over politically and physically.
    The same will happen in the USA as long as we are solicitous to muslims who demean the US and it’s people, and declare that they are going to eliminate Christians and Jews from the earth. Anyone notice all the mosques rising up in the US the past 10 years? Luke 22:35-38, get a sword folks, these boys ain’t foolin around. Until the LORD comes, we are to occupy, and you can’t do that if you loose your head due to neglect and cowardice.

    Comment by Ed Roy | May 31, 2007 | Reply

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