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Open Door To Terror – The 24 Hour Background Check

(NTARC News) Hugh Hewitt weighs the consequences a proposed guest worker plan would have on Homeland Security. In particular, the 24-hour turnaround time on background checks. 

A little background on this… 

According to the current version of the bill, each worker who applies for the guest worker program would be required to pass a criminal background check. The government would be required to complete this background check within 24-hours. 

The problem with this is fairly evident. 

First, a central database for conducting background checks for crimes committed in foreign countries does not exist. NCIC, a computerized index of criminal justice information (i.e.- criminal record history information, fugitives, stolen properties, missing persons) stores information on only U.S. criminal history. Absent the ability to adequately perform background checks on over 12 million applicants, the new guest worker program would potentially provide safe passage to thousands possessing criminal records in their home countries. 

Secondly, the majority of illegal aliens are undocumented. This makes it nearly impossible to verify an applicant’s true identity. This bill would provide these individuals with official documents verifying their identity under any name they choose. 

How difficult would it be for terrorists to create new identities and freely travel our country while planning their next attack? Under this plan, perhaps as simple as deciding what name you would like to use. 

Hugh Hewitt has much more. 

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