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Bin Laden protege linked to airport plot

(The Daily Telegraph) NEW YORK: Al-Qaeda’s so-called nuclear whiz kid — a terror figure with a $5 million bounty on his head — was the radical big shot authorities had hoped to snag in their 18-month JFK-plot investigation. 

The name of Adnan Gulshair Muhammad el-Shukrijumah, reportedly the man Osama bin Laden choose to lead a previous scheme to detonate nuclear bombs simultaneously in several US cities, came up at several points in taped conversations during the investigation, according to sources close to the case. 

Three Muslim men were arrested on Friday in the alleged plan to attack John F. Kennedy international airport by blowing up a jet-fuel pipeline. A fourth suspect remains at large. 

Given Shukrijumah’s notoriety in the terror world and the fact that he grew up in Guyana, as did three of the suspects, authorities immediately homed in on him. 

”Eyebrows went up,” one law-enforcement source told The New York Post. ”He’s always in the shadows, particularly in [the Caribbean]. He has passed through it, he’s known, his name came up in the conversations.” 

Officials allowed the investigation to continue until the last moment, which came when one of the suspects boarded a plane in Trinidad headed for Venezuela — where the US has no extradition agreement. 

Authorities weren’t willing to risk losing him, so they ”pulled the trigger” on the arrests, one source said. 

Investigators had yet to collect evidence linking Shukrijumah to the JFK plot, but it’s clear the computer technician’s name and efforts were well-known to the three arrested suspects. 

Shukrijumah grew up in Guyana and his late father, Gulshair, an Islamic scholar, once served as a temporary imam at Brooklyn’s al-Farouq mosque, a well known hot spot for Islamic radicals. 

The mosque has connections to a scheme to fund an al-Qaeda linked sheik as well as one of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers. 

The Shukrijumah family moved to Florida, where the terror suspect was educated and reportedly learned to fly planes. 

Some terror experts think Shukrijumah, 31, is among a handful of up-and-coming leaders of al-Qaeda handpicked by Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of the September 11 attacks, to keep the terrorist network running.


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