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Capture of JI leader a harsh blow to terrorists

(AAP) The capture of Indonesia’s most wanted terrorist Abu Dujana would be a severe blow to terrorist network Jemaah Islamiah, but would not spell its end, an analyst said today. A source in Indonesia’s anti-terror squad Detachment 88 told AAP Dujana was arrested in one of a series of weekend raids, but police have officially refused to confirm his capture. Dujana’s right-hand man Mahfud, aka Yusron, was among a number of people being questioned after being arrested in the raids. Mahfud was taken into custody after being shot in the thigh at a raid on a house in the central Java district of Banyumas on Saturday. The Detachment 88 source said Dujana was also being interrogated in a secret location but refused to provide further details. Asked if Dujana was in custody, the source said “Yes, correct.” Indonesian police spokesman Sisno Adiwinoto said Dujana was at the same location prior to Mahfud’s arrest, but declined to confirm Dujana had been caught. However Adiwinoto was confident if Dujana hadn’t been caught, he soon would be. “According to our calculations of the target, (with the) solid information that we have got, we are sure that we can catch him,” Adiwinoto said. “Hopefully he is one of the people we have caught, or he is very close (to being captured).” Jemaah Islamiah (JI) has been blamed for several deadly attacks in Indonesia, including the 2002 Bali bombing that killed more than 200 people, including 88 Australians. Dujana is wanted in connection with a series of deadly bombings, including the 2004 attack on Australia’s Embassy in Jakarta. Terrorism expert John Harrison, of Singapore’s International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, said the capture of either Dujana, or his close allies, would be a serious blow to JI. He said there would likely be a period of inactivity in the short term, as the group dealt with the “severe security breach”. “It suggests either they (the police) have got incredible luck or they have got extremely good intelligence that these people are going to be in a particular area at a particular time,” Harrison said. “If they have got the two top leaders that’s going to be very difficult to replace, but certainly they would have a successor structure in place.” Harrison said if Dujana had been captured, another JI leader would be appointed within the year. While a blow to JI, Dujana’s arrest would not spell the end of the terrorist network, he said. “It won’t be the end of JI, but certainly it would be a dramatic reduction in their capability unless they can replace that individual,” he said. “JI has shown its ability to replenish its leadership. “At each stage (of arrests) there seems to be a decreased capability, and at some point JI will move from a security threat to security nuisance. “They will not be at the stage they were in 2001 and 2002, but they will still be able to conduct operations (against soft targets) like in Bali and Bali two.” Harrison said a new leader, once appointed, would likely want to conduct a large operation to establish his credentials. The weekend arrests follow a series of raids in March, where authorities uncovered a huge stash of hundreds of kilograms of explosives, weapons and chemicals. Terrorism expert Sidney Jones said Dujana could offer a “goldmine of information” about JI if he had been arrested. “If it’s true, the police deserve huge congratulations,” she said.“But it’s also going to be an enormous windfall in terms of information about JI and its structure.”


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