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Trial Resumes For Man Accused Of Hoarding Terror Manuals

(Press Association File) The trial of a man accused of hoarding “chilling” terror manuals on his computer will continue today. Omar Altimimi, 37, had information on his home computer describing how to hide bombs in boxes of Persil washing powder and sweets, Manchester Crown Court heard. He also kept video clips from Muslim extremists showing Osama bin Laden and praising the “Knights of London” for the 7/7 outrage – along with advice for suicide bombings on a bus, it is alleged. Altimimi, who came to the UK in 2004, tried to “blend in” to his community in Bolton, Greater Manchester, applying for jobs in teaching and with the police, the jury has been told. But the father of three, who created three “parallel” identities, also hoarded information on terrorism, found after he was arrested on money laundering charges in February last year. The computer files detailed suitable targets such as markets, stadium exits, colleges, cinemas, buses and bus stops. Altimimi faces six charges of possession of the material for a purpose connected with terrorism. He claims no knowledge of the material and has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The defendant also denies the acquisition and attempted possession of criminal property – £3,000 stolen from the authorities in Yemen. All the alleged offences are said to have taken place between February and June last year. The trial, scheduled to last another two weeks, will continue today.


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