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Iran says UN resolutions not worth a nickel coin

(AFP) Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that Tehran does not consider threats of new UN sanctions against its nuclear programme to be worth a nickel coin. “Nuclear energy belongs to the Iranian nation and the Iranian nation will defend this right with their fists in the air,” Ahmadinejad told cheering crowds in his hometown province of Semnan at a rally broadcast live on television. “If you want to take the same path and issue previous kinds of resolutions which had no effect on us again, the Iranian nation does not consider your resolutions to be worth a nickel coin,” he said. The UN Security Council has imposed two rounds of sanctions in a bid to get Iran to halt uranium enrichment, which can be used for nuclear reactor fuel but also for making atomic bombs. The 35-nation board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), meeting in Vienna this week, was set on Wednesday to hear a report on Iran that could bring Tehran one step closer to a third round of UN sanctions. IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei was expected to present a report which states that Iran is expanding uranium enrichment work despite pressure from the international community for it to halt the programme. Tehran vehemently denies US accusations that it seeks nuclear weapons, saying it wants only to generate electricity. “The resistance of the world’s arrogance and bullying front against the Iranian nation is nearing its end phase, they have brought everything they had in their power and gained no result,” Ahmadinejad added amid the habitual slogan of “Nuclear Energy is our undeniable rights.” “They are collecting their power once again to pinch the Iranian nation again (with sanctions) but we will not retreat an iota,” on our rights. On Tuesday, a diplomat in Vienna told AFP that the UN atomic watchdog believes Tehran could have 8,000 centrifuges enriching uranium by December, a significant rise in nuclear capability. The diplomat, who is close to the IAEA, said ElBaradei’s estimate of Iran obtaining 8,000 centrifuges was based on “the technical assessment of his inspectors” and so was sound. The diplomat said ElBaradei has been telling political leaders in private conversations that Iran was making “steady progress” in uranium enrichment and shows no sign of slowing down. But ElBaradei had said on the opening day Monday of this week’s meeting that the “brewing confrontation” with Iran over its atomic ambitions “must be defused.” ElBaradei said “dialogue and diplomacy are ultimately the only way to achieve the negotiated solution foreseen in the relevant Security Council resolutions.” The IAEA has after more than four years of investigation failed to resolve key questions about Iran’s nuclear programme. Washington says it is looking for a diplomatic solution but has not ruled out military action. ElBaradei has drawn US ire for saying that the West should accept that Iran has acquired the knowledge to enrich and so it is unrealistic to expect it to halt such work entirely.


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