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Iran warns US forces over Shiite shrine blasts

(AFP) Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned US forces that Wednesday’s attack on a revered Shiite shrine in Iraq would only complicate efforts to withdraw American troops, state-run television reported. “You, by supporting these actions, are making it harder for yourselves,” he was quoted as saying on a tour of his hometown province of Semnan. “Do not act in such a way that no one in the region wants to help you get out,” he added. “Know that whoever fights (Imam) Ali (family’s and descendants) will perish,” Ahmadinejad said, without making any specific threat. On Wednesday, two minarets of a revered Shiite shrine in the northern Iraqi town of Samarra collapsed after being blown up within minutes of each other, according to witnesses and a top Shiite official. The tall structures came down at around 9:00 am (0500 GMT), according to an AFP correspondent who reached the site shortly after the blasts.  On February 22, 2006, alleged Al-Qaeda militants bombed the same shrine in an attack which triggered brutal nationwide Shiite and Sunni sectarian clashes that are still continuing. Both Iran and Iraq are Shiite-dominated nations. Thousands of Iranian pilgrims have been visiting the four Shiite shrines in Iraq that are the burial places of six of their 12 holy imams since Saddam Hussein’s downfall in 2003. In May, the Islamic republic said it had spent more than 64 million dollars to restore Shiite holy sites in Iraq since the US-led invasion.


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