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 “We once welcomed them with open arms… now, they are bringing violent jihad to this land.” – Miguel Cruz, You Don’t Speak For Me 

NEW YORK CITYEven a cold, blustery day could not chill the fervor of participants at Ground Zero in Manhattan Saturday as a host of speakers literally rallied around the flag to denounce what they described as “Islamofascism in America.”


Rally organizers planned this 2nd annual event to coincide with similar rallies across the country and in Great Britain.  The event was hosted by the United American Committee (UAC) which claims to champion the fight in the ideological aspects of the War on Terror, and to bring support for the War on Terror to the grassroots level. 


For over two hours, speakers gathered at the corner of Liberty and Trinity Streets directly across the street from the site of the World Trade Center which was destroyed when terrorists slammed two hijacked airliners into the Twin Towers on 09/11/01.  Nearly simultaneously, two other hijacked airliners crashed; one into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., the other falling to earth in Pennsylvania as passengers wrestled with the hijackers.  Nearly 3,000 Americans lost their lives that day, stunning the world and signaling a worldwide struggle against Islamic terrorism.


Miguel Cruz, the N.J. Executive Director for ‘You don’t Speak for Me,” a human rights organization advocating for Hispanic interests in human rights, the U.S. Constitution, immigration and border security, and the fight against terrorism – rallied the crowd of onlookers by stating his opposition against “those forces of Islam who wish us (America) harm.”


“There is no room for Islamofascists, here in America,” said Cruz.  “We once welcomed them to our land with open arms…our free land where all peaceful, freedom loving people can enjoy liberty.  Now, they are bringing violent jihad to this land…and the oppression they promote makes it impossible to integrate them into our coalescing system of peaceful religion in America.”


“If you are a peaceful Muslim in the U.S.A.,” continued Cruz, “then you must step up to the plate and denounce tyranny and fascism.”


Michelle Rojas, an Israeli with “Stand With Us,” representing the Jewish community, stated, “These Islamic terrorists are attempting to eradicate us.  We say never again…never again will we allow another Holocaust.  Now we will fight back!”


Others like Seattle resident Hope Winters representing “Get Out The Facts,” said America must protect our freedoms at all costs, and be aware that “generations of children are learning to hate and murder.”


Mary Doneher of the David Horowitz Freedom Foundation spoke of this war against terror as not a clash of civilizations, as it is often termed, but rather a “clash of civilization against Barbarism,” referring to a similar struggle started in the 15th Century when Barbary (Muslim) pirates attacked ships in that area, capturing over 20,000 Christians and making them slaves – long before George Washington was even born. 


According to Doneher, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams had similar problems.  In 1786 when Jefferson was ambassador to France and Adams ambassador to Britain, they asked the Muslim representative why they were continuing to attack our ships and making slaves of the Christians.  They were told their religion was “founded on the laws of the Prophet Mohammed and it is written that such attacks are our duty.  All Muslims killed during these attacks would certainly go to Paradise.”


“These people are Barbarians,” Doneher said.  “The terrorists are blowing up their own children…these are the depths they’ve sunk to,” adding, “They have not changed their spots.  We have beaten these people many times before.  This is just another wave with the same people causing the same problems.  America is the greatest gang busting country in the world…and we will beat them back again.”


Doneher may have received the loudest applause of the event when she said, “Islam cannot coexist in a peaceful manner with other nations…George Bush is the first modern leader to stand up to these people since Thomas Jefferson.”


Christine Brim, a spokesperson for (910 Group), with members in 41 states and 21 countries, referred to the American mindset as a “paralysis of political correctness.”  She said the key to success is to defend freedom through vigilance and for America to organize against Islamic fascism, adding, “Islamic imperialism…occupation, wants to replace our Constitution with Sharia Law.  If you resist, you will be called an Islamophobe, hate monger, or war monger.  We must organize against these Islamic forces.”


Ms. Brim also quoted writer Daniel Pipes, an outspoken advocate against militant Islam when he said,  “Islam in America must be American Islam or it will not be integrated; there can be no place for an Islam in America that functions as a seditious conspiracy aimed at wiping out American values and undermining interfaith civility.”


Martin Mawyer of the Virginia-based organization Christian Action Network told an obviously shocked crowd – of a network of Muslim enclaves under the auspices of The Muslims of the Americas, which exist in rural areas in the United States and Canada. 


Named Jamaat al-Fuqra (society of the impoverished), Mawyer says the villages which he terms “terrorist camps” were formed beginning in 1980 by a Pakistani Muslim cleric named Sheikh Mubarak Gilani. Gilani claims to have 12,000 followers at his beck and call who are ready when called to perform jihad against the United States.


“The State Department and Justice Department state that al-Fuqra has committed multiple murders, firebombings, and various white collar crimes,” said Mawyer – “…all designed to take your money away from you and send it back to Pakistan and into Gilani’s pockets- then spread to the terrorists who, in turn, use it to kill our troops.”


“We have our work cut out for us right here in the U.S.,” Mawyer said.  “We all worry about terrorism overseas, but we also have terrorist camps right here in our own country.  One camp at Red House, Virginia, is only 35 miles from our office. Gilani is a known international terrorist and a friend of Osama bin Laden and these people, his followers, are walking in our midst.


“The al-Fuqra camp at Red House even had the unmitigated gall to name their main road leading into their camp ‘Sheikh Gilani Lane.’  That’s right…we have a public road sign which is on the county maps named after an international terrorist.  And the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors there refuses to have it removed.  That is a slap in the face of all patriotic Americans.


“Our government must shut down these camps and we all must recruit patriotic Americans to stand up and fight against our enemies.”


Although the rally was free of any physical violence, several verbal battles ensued when ideologies converged in the Plaza.  As the event came to a close, flags waved, leaflets were handed out, debates flared, and patriotism hung heavy in the crisp Manhattan air.


As Neil Diamond’s Coming To America blared – it seemed especially fitting when a NYFD hook and ladder truck passed the Plaza.  The firemen, smiling and waving American flags, hit their lights and siren to signal their support. 


 “I still see them…the towers,” said one sailor, squinting against the sun as he stared across the Plaza to where so much death and destruction occurred on 9/11.  “It gives me goose bumps, but I can still see the towers standing there…I don’t think that feeling will ever leave me.  At least I hope it never does.  Every American needs to see this place…so they will never forget what happened here.”


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  1. this website is nothing but an establishment of self righteous biggets who have found a new arrow to direct their hate of other people. People are only scared of what they do not know. as an american who has read the quran, studied the history of Islam and has plenty of muslim friends Islam is indeed peaceful which is why many who have followed the same research as I have, converted to this beautiful religion at 20,000 a year. This is a clear example of angry Christians who dislike the new conversion rates and are involving political hatreds, yes POLITICAL, because if one only looked at what has been apart of US policy to the arab and muslim world one can see the filth and hypocracy that this nation has lied to its own people about and made them pay for these massacres of greed and consumption. No one..NO ONE can deny that Islam was a blessing to Europe. You can cut out the origins of the Renaissance from high school text books but real intellectuals know that the Muslims brought the first real DEMOCRACY into civilization, equality between men and women, and even rights for animals and plants!! Inventions such as the stained glass that are now in every church are also apart of the Islamic golden age AND the Jews had their golden age in Spain only because the Muslim rulers welcomed them with open arms while every Christian denomination threw them out. Have people lost their history? thier sense? A history had indeed been stolen from the Muslims and indeed the West should not forget their contributions. Islam brought peace and NOW in a world of drugs and liquor, the rampage of sexual provocation and the church cutting corners for everyone, Islam, the preserved message of God is the evil one? PLEASE! All one needs to do is study the Council of NICAEA! the bible was written by man. please people. open your minds. give thought to a suppressed people who only having been imprisoned in their own lands by puppet governments. The muslims are extremely for equal rights, education, and justice. In fact if they were not…they would not be called Muslims.… i know you guys have a message to call out to other christians and biggets but please, be people of understanding and do not use your faith to target a people involved in political mixups to justify your self righteousness of christendom. The same excuse was used against blacks, indians, native americans, the chinese, japanese and the arab world during the Crusades. Let us not repeat past mistakes and move foward into a time of true religious acceptance and the will to educate ourselves infinitely before deciding the lives of human beings you know nothing about or care to learn the TRUTH about. you are being fooled by your own government and i am sure if you were to actually have a conversation with a Muslim or enter a muslim land your personal research would be remarkably altered and your preconceptions greatly challenged.

    Comment by sally omger | July 1, 2007 | Reply

  2. I am a Sudanese from a small town in the Southern Sudan. I know everything about islam. The human being islam can present to the world and humanity is a terrorist and ugly sadist like Alzarqawi, Sadaam, bin Ladin, Omar albeshir jalaaba and janjawid. Only Christianity, and to be specific; Jesus Christ is the only hope. Muhamad will only make you a killer terrorist and will take you with him to hell fire

    Comment by Samson A | September 17, 2007 | Reply

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