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Poland sees Russia not Iran as threat- Russian chief of staff

(Poland Business Newswire) Poland’s political leadership sees Russia, not Iran, as a threat, Russian General Staff chief General of the Army Yury Baluyevsky said. “The Polish leadership’s statements show no signs of concerns about the threat coming from Iran,” Baluyevsky said at a news conference in Moscow on Thursday. “They are worried about Russia and urgently want to deploy American Patriot anti-missile systems.” In an interview with Interfax Central Europe, Polish Foreign Affairs Minister Anna Fotyga said Poland maintains “a reasonable level of diplomatic relations with Iran and other countries in the Middle East,” while the current negotiations with the United States regarding the deployment of element of the U.S. missile defense system in Poland is not expected to undermine those relations. Fotyga also said that for technical reasons the elements of the missile shield deployed in Poland could not be used to attack Russia. Poland wants the U.S. Patriot missiles on its soil after the deployment of the missile shield because of higher exposure to international threats, Polish officials said earlier. Baluyevsky said the Polish authorities treat Russia with suspicion. “Poland’s political leadership views the Russian president’s proposal with deep suspicion,” Baluyevsky said. President Vladimir Putin has proposed that the United States use a radar Russia rents in Gabala, Azerbaijan, jointly, instead of deploying elements of its national missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic.  The Polish leadership’s concerns are rooted in fears that “if we come to terms with the U.S., all their illusions and hopes to win special advantages from a friendship with the U.S. will come to nothing,” Baluyevsky said. Baluyevsky said, however, that the reception of the Russian president’s initiative was mostly positive in what he called “old” Europe. He quoted German Chancellor Angela Merkel as saying that the approach “is particularly constructive and shows yet again that the Cold War era is a thing of the past.”


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  1. While Iran is a threat, I agree that Russia is far bigger. I think Putin is the most dangerous person in the world. China, however, is the one to really keep an eye on.

    Comment by Swint | June 22, 2007 | Reply

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