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Sears Tower plot called cash scheme

(Chicago Tribune) The man federal authorities accused of plotting with an Al Qaeda operative to bomb the Sears Tower in Chicago and government buildings in Miami told FBI agents he was trying to hustle a man he knew as Mohammed for money. At first Narseal Batiste, a Miami resident, denied ever discussing such attacks, according to notes from an interview conducted after his arrest exactly one year ago. He changed his story after the agents played a videotape of him and several accused associates reciting an oath of allegiance to Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. The pledge was led by an informant working for the FBI who called himself Mohammed and posed as an Al Qaeda contact from Yemen. “I can’t believe I got these guys into this,” Batiste said after watching the video, according to the FBI notes. Batiste said he never intended to carry out any attacks but wanted to convince Mohammed that he was serious about harming the United States in order to extort money. Two weeks after taking the oath, Mohammed gave $3,500 to Batiste, who said he used it for repairs to the warehouse used as a headquarters for martial arts training and religious study. Prosecutors filed the notes from Batiste’s June 22, 2005, interview in Miami federal court Wednesday, along with records of the postarrest statements from the five other men charged. Trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 4. Like Batiste, Burson Augustin, another suspect, mentioned a financial motive in his interview. He said the military-style group wanted to manipulate Mohammed to boost its finances. All of the defendants have pleaded not guilty to the charges. The statements are summaries prepared by FBI agents, not verbatim transcripts. Prosecutors filed the documents in response to a defense motion, said Alicia Valle, special counsel to the U.S. attorney.


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