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Editorial Suspects Al-Qa’idah Behind Attack On UN Troops In Lebanon

(BBC) Lebanon is fast becoming another failing state in the region, like Iraq and Afghanistan, with an impotent central government, divided people, and foreign forces seeking to undermine its stability and security. Following the Nahr al-Barid bloody clashes near Tripoli in northern Lebanon, news agencies have reported a serious development in southern Lebanon where an explosion killed four Spanish UNIFIL troops. Targeting the UN forces is a precedent that portends an obscure future for this country and an all-out explosion of the security and political situations, because these forces have constituted a red line to all the parties. Hezbollah has announced soon after the incident that it was not responsible for this attack. A Hezbollah spokesman said that the explosion harms the people of the south and Lebanon as a whole and increases the attempts to undermine the security and stability of Lebanon and its resisting south. Hezbollah denied its involvement in the explosion, and this denial seems logical, limiting the responsibility for it to a party that might be non-Lebanese seeking to start a war, reshuffle the cards, and place the United States and its allies in the government in an awkward position. One week ago, several rockets fell in Israeli settlements in Galilee, near the border with Lebanon. No party claimed responsibility for this attack. Hezbollah affirmed that it did not fire these rockets, causing fingers to be pointed at one of the extremist pro-Syrian Palestinian organizations. If the reports were true that the explosion that targeted a UNIFIL military vehicle was carried out by a suicide bomber, this could be bad news to the United States and the Lebanese government, because those who carry out such attacks are supporters of the Al-Qa’idah Organization. The hostility of this organization to the United Nations and its forces is old. The organization targeted United Nations headquarters in Afghanistan, blew up its headquarters in Iraq, and attacked its forces in Somalia. Therefore, it would not be strange for this organization to do the same thing against the UNIFIL forces in southern Lebanon. The current security chaos provides a suitable atmosphere for the Al-Qa’idah Organization to establish itself in Lebanon and create bases in it. The presence of large numbers of Saudis, Yemenis, Kuwaitis, and Moroccans among the Fatah al-Islam forces, which have been engaged in a war against the Lebanese army in the Palestinian Nahr al-Barid camp, confirms that the organization already has a consolidated presence in Lebanon. Its leaders have been trying for a long time to establish a presence in any Arab state adjacent to the Hebrew State. They want to use it as a base for fedayeen operations against the Israelis and respond to accusations that the organization has not carried out any operations in occupied Palestine and that it directed its operations only against the Americans and the Iraqi Shi’is. If the activity of the Al-Qa’idah Organization in Lebanon is confirmed – and it seems it is almost confirmed – this would mean a new front has been opened against Israel, which could make it remember with fondness the operations of the PLO and Hezbollah.


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