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Iran Picks A Fight

(Business Daily) Middle East: Reports of Iranian forces crossing the border into Iraq have gotten a bit of — though not enough — media attention this week. But this is nothing new for a regime with a nasty habit of meddling in the region. The British Sun newspaper reported Tuesday that “Iranian forces are being choppered over the Iraqi border to bomb Our Boys, intelligence chiefs say.” An unnamed intelligence source told the Sun that “we have hard proof that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps have crossed the border to attack us. “It is very hard for us to strike back. All we can do is try to defend ourselves. We are badly on the back foot. “In effect,” the source said, “it means we are in a full on war with Iran — but nobody has officially declared it.” Iran, under the hard-line rule of a militant Islamist government, has been conducting proxy wars for decades. The U.S. and Iran have been in a state of war since November 1979, when terrorists acting with the government’s blessing seized the American Embassy in Tehran. The Iranian “students” took dozens of U.S. citizens hostage, holding 52 of them for 444 days. In addition to Tehran’s incursions that the British forces have had to defend themselves against, Iran’s military has taken British sailors and marines hostage twice in the last three years. Tehran continues its effort to develop nuclear weapons despite international demands that it shut down its program. Tehran is the patron for Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based terrorist organization that exists to destroy Israel as well as wipe out any semblance of Western conventions in Lebanon’s nonterrorist secular government. Over the years, Hezbollah has terrorized Israel and Lebanon with rockets, bombs, hijackings, assassinations, and the kidnappings and murders of troops and civilians. Iran is the primary sponsor of Hamas, a terrorist gang that recently shot, killed and murdered its way to taking over Palestinian territory in the Gaza Strip. Hamas, with Iran’s help, has a long history of stirring up trouble in the region. It was organized in 1987 and went right to work with homicide bombings, killing and maiming Israeli military personnel and civilians. The Hamas charter calls for the destruction of the Jewish state. Parts used in the improvised explosive devices that have murdered hundreds of Americans and other allied troops in Iraq have been traced to Iran. It’s unlikely that the Iranian government has no connection to these IEDs. Other weapons and munitions used to kill and wound American soldiers and their coalition allies in Iraq are of Iranian origin. It’s clear that Tehran has long wanted to provoke a war with the West and has stepped up its efforts under the leadership of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. If everyday Iranians would rather Ahmadinejad didn’t get his wish, they’d better get busy changing their leadership — and the sooner the better.


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