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Algerian Army Engaged In Large-Scale Anti-Terror Operation Paper

(BBC) Text of report by Madjid T. headlined “Following the elimination of a group from the Salafi Group for Call and Combat at the gates of Algiers: Search in Beni Amrane”, published by Algerian newspaper Liberte website on 28 June No fewer than 20 terrorists led by Djamel Niche, called Abou Smah Elyes, are holed up in the Boudoukhane and Bouzegza terrorist strongholds. The group from the ex-Salafi Group for Call and Combat [GSPC; the group now known as Al-Qa’idah in the Land of the Islamic Maghreb, or AQLIM] that used to threaten the capital has been 90 per cent annihilated since a total of 12 terrorists who were part of the Abou Bekr Essedik katibat [battalion] have been eliminated since last Friday [22 June], the kick-off date for this large-scale search operation that targeted the Khemis El-Khechna and Mefta regions. This operation is still ongoing, our sources reported, which indicated yesterday that two other terrorists who were part of that katibat which reigns supreme in the Meftah region were still, as of yesterday morning, still surrounded by the People’s National Army [ANP] in the spot known as Harour located midway between Khemis El-Khechna and Meftah. A terrorist who was seriously wounded following a skirmish with a patrol from the ANP was captured the day before yesterday as he was trying to flee towards Khemis El-Khechna, whereas the fate of “amir” Moussa K., called Abou Hanifa, a native of the municipality of Larbatache, is unknown. Certain sources presume him dead, adding that his body is at the Blida hospital for identification just as are the corpses of four other terrorists, among them that of Lounes F., called Shaykh Ahmed, the “amir” from the Errahd seriat [brigade]. But the identification of the bodies is going to last several more days, our sources told us yesterday, which added that about 10 weapons of various makes, cell phones, munitions, and clothing had been recovered since the start of the operation. Two blockhouses and one small house that had served as a hideout for the group were also destroyed between Saturday and Sunday, the same sources added. Moreover, as of yesterday, the ANP’s forces continued to bomb the communities of Djebabra overlooking Meftah, where three elements of the group were eliminated starting the first day of the operation. For a second time the community of El-Djemaia, located south of Meftah, was gone over with a fine-toothed comb by the ANP’s troops, supported by the Patriots [militia group members] and municipal guards from the region, as was the Ziane farm, of which Abdelmalek Droukdel, alias Abou Moussaab Abdelouadoud, is a native. So the ANP has just carried off a major coup by rendering the Abou Bekr Essedik incapable of doing harm, a group which was established by the ex-GSPC for the purpose of being used as a bridge that would serve the terrorist groups, particularly the El-Feth katibat, led by Bentitraoui, alias Yahia, and the El-Arkam katibat, which Abdelfettah leads, to reanimate Algiers’s sleeper cells. Moreover, those two katibats which are part of the ex-GSPC’s Zone 2 took an active part in the organization of the attacks that were committed in Reghaia and Derghana as well as the 11 April attacks. Certain terrorists who planned those attacks were arrested by the security forces, such as Nacer Djebbal, one of the GSPC’s main explosives experts, who was neutralized at the start of the month of June in Bouchakour near Naciria. At the end of that operation, which took place in the Djouaouna forest, to be more precise, elements from Boumerdes’s Judicial Police Mobile Brigade [BMPJ] recovered electronic materiel as well as explosives. Several days earlier, the security forces arrested about 12 people who were part of a support network for one of the terrorist groups that took part in the 11 April attacks. The investigation conducted by the security forces revealed that those troops were working under the control of Harek Zoheir, called Sofiane El-Fassila, the “amir” from the ex-GSPC’s zone 2, considered to be the main instigator of the 11 April attacks. Moreover, it has been learned that during these past two days, another large-scale search targeted the terrorist strongholds of Boudoukhane, Bouzegza, Keddara, and the heights of Beni Amrane, where 20 or so terrorists are holed up, led by Djamel Niche, called Abou Smah Elyes. But as of yesterday evening, no final toll had been released.


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