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German Intelligence Services Fear “Dangerous New Wave Of Terrorism”

(BBC) After the bomb shock in Great Britain, the German intelligence services fear that the Islamist extremists could now also attempt terrorist attacks in Germany as in Iraq. On Monday in Berlin, security experts referred to findings of their British colleagues that a “new kind” of threat from Islamists had become apparent. Accordingly, just as in Iraq, the terrorists would now inconspicuously place a car crammed full of explosives where there would be the largest number of victims. “This perfidious approach is emerging here as well,” an intelligence officer declared to the news agency ddp. “We are helpless with respect to this.” The only thing that could help is the vigilance of the citizens, who should immediately report to the police every suspiciously parked car. In Iraq, people are killed by car bombs almost daily. British experts reported that the culprits in Great Britain had “used the same techniques for bomb building as their comrades-in-arms in Baghdad.” The European intelligence services agree that the situation is similar to that before the Al-Qa’idah attacks in the United States on 11 September 2001. “A dangerous new wave of terrorism” is rolling towards Europe and especially towards Germany. The danger will be especially great for Germany when at the end of September the extension of the Bundestag mandate for the Bundeswehr operations on the Hindu Kush is pending. The London Times had reported that the Islamist extremists had announced the attacks just a few hours before the discovery of the two car bombs in London. As one of the reasons for their terrorist action, they had named the outrage among Muslims about the knighting of the Islam-critical author Salman Rushdie by the English queen. In the Internet discussion forum “El Hesbah,” it was said: “Praise God, London is to be bombed.” German intelligence officers pointed out that the suitcase bombers in two regional trains in the Federal Republic last year “were motivated” by the publication of the controversial Mohammed cartoons in German newspapers. “We assume that several hundred Islamists living in Germany can strike at once if they wish or if they receive orders from Al-Qa’idah to do this,” a terror investigator explained. Accordingly, there are signs that several Germans who converted to Islam have also been trained in the new way with car bombs in training camps of Al-Qa’idah and the Taleban on Pakistani soil. A number of them have “very probably already returned to Germany.” According to the information of the British, the car bombings in Great Britain “clearly show the handwriting of Al-Qa’idah.” The intelligence services are watching “with the greatest concern the increasingly close ties of Al-Qa’idah with Iran.” The intelligence officers pointed out that “everything is being done to recognize the dangers from the terrorists before attacks occur.” Arrests abroad, movements of known extremists in Germany, and their communication would be analysed incessantly. “The assessment of the situation has now changed dramatically,” the intelligence services were heard to say.


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