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Terror plot: Holiday chaos as Heathrow is closed and flights are cancelled

(ThisIsLondon.Co.UK) Thousands of passengers are today enduring chaotic conditions at Heathrow following a terror alert which closed Terminal Four. More than 100 flights were cancelled, affecting thousands of passengers, following the discovery of a “suspect bag”. British Airways cancelled all its European departures from Terminal 4 from 3pm and said there would be no more flights today. It also cancelled all long-haul departures until 9pm and later said the Terminal would be closed until further notice. BAA said that there would be no departing flights operating from Terminal 4, although planes were still arriving as normal, and the airport was in “lock-down mode”. The cancellations have also had knock-on effects at other terminals, with delays for thousands more passengers. A spokeswoman for British Airways added: “We have had to cancel 108 flights in total. Our flights to and from Terminal 1 at Heathrow are operating, but with some delays.” British Airways said passengers affected could rebook their flights or claim a refund. Problems began at the airport just before midday when staff discovered a suspect bag and extra searches were ordered on all departing passengers. The departure lounge was partially evacuated. Long queues of passengers numbering in the thousands waited outside and endured heavy showers. A BAA spokesperson said: “A suspect bag was identified shortly before midday in Terminal 4. As an extra precaution, it was decided to perform secondary searches on all departing passengers at the aircraft gate. One passenger said: “Several thousand people are now out in the car park and security staff are saying that all baggage is going to have to go through checks again.” Elsewhere Britain’s terror alert took a fresh twist as police seized gas canisters and arrested two men in a raid in Blackburn, Lancashire. The two men were arrested on suspicion of terror offences.  Security sources said today that up to 12 members of Al Qaeda were sent to work in the NHS. Eight people have so far been arrested in the hunt for the car bombers who tried to cause carnage in London and Glasgow. Six of them are NHS doctors.  The scale of the infiltration by the terror network has led police to believe several members of the gang are still at large and the threat of an atrocity remains high.  According to reports, US law enforcement officials received intelligence two weeks ago which warned of a possible terror attack in Glasgow against “airport infrastructure or aircraft”. In other developments three controlled explosions were carried out on a suspect car, parked uotside a mosque in Glasgow, which was linked to the city’s airport attack. A controlled explosion was also carried out at Hammersmith Tube Station but no explosives were found.


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