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Pakistan’s Musharraf vows to crush extremism

(ABC) President Pervez Musharraf has vowed to wipe out extremism from Pakistan, saying in a defiant address to the nation that the raid on Islamabad’s Red Mosque was necessary to save the country. Military ruler General Musharraf, a key ally in the US-led “war on terror,” also said he would beef up security forces along the border with Afghanistan, where Taliban militants are active, giving the troops extra tanks and guns. The televised address came amid fears of a possible Islamist backlash following the raid on the mosque this week that killed 11 soldiers and 75 people inside the complex, mainly militants. “Extremism and terrorism have not yet been eliminated, and we are determined to root them out from every corner of the country,” said General Musharraf, wearing a dark suit and tie instead of his army uniform. “I am sad over the loss of lives in the operation but it became inevitable for Pakistan,” Musharraf said, adding that the mosque and its adjoining girls’ Islamic school had been “freed from the hands of terrorists.” He also appealed to the country’s thousands of Islamic schools or madrassas, which have been accused of links to international attacks, to “teach the true values of Islam and in their (students’) minds, take away extremism.” General Musharraf, under international pressure to dislodge Al Qaeda and Taliban rebels from Pakistan’s lawless north-western tribal areas, said he would strengthen the police and paramilitary forces there over the next six months. The body that runs most of Pakistan’s madrassas, the Wafaqul Madaris, said General Musharraf had tried to “misinform” the country. “Musharraf should not worry as we never teach hatred,” its chief Hanif Jalandhri said.


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