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Venezuelan TV Channel Restarts Broadcasting Activities on Paid Network

(Global Insight) As announced last week, private television channel RCTV made its comeback on air on cable and satellite services yesterday (see Venezuela: 12 July 2007: ). Yesterday s programming fell totally in line with its past shows, including much-loved soap operas and political programmes with an editorial line openly critical of the incumbent government led by controversial President Hugo Chávez. RCTV will not be able to reach the audience it used to when it operated under an open broadcast licence. Top directors confirmed yesterday that the whole legal team is working to regain such a licence, and found the predicament of not being shown in as many homes as before deplorable. RCTV has been backed all along by another opposition channel, Globovision the only one that still has an open licence. Some of its staff were present on yesterday s RCTV show as a gesture of solidarity. Significance: The return of RCTV to the airwaves has not prompted any formal stance from the government. Telecommunication Minister Jesse Chacón only qualified the move as one showing respect for the plurality of opinion in Venezuela. The minister insisted that RCTV could have transmitted on cable and satellite channels from the day its open licence expired, as the Social Responsibility Law, on the alleged disregard for which the non-renewal of the licence was based, essentially focused only on the latter type of transmission rights (see Venezuela: 13 July 2007: ). The government is still undertaking damage control from the cool reception received by its decision not to renew RCTV’s licence both at home and abroad.  


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