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Militants vow ‘gift of death’ for Pakistani troops

(AFP) Pro-Taliban militants on Monday warned Pakistani soldiers to quit fighting or face more suicide attacks, as peace talks faltered in the conflict-torn area bordering Afghanistan. The Islamist hardliners threatened that explosives would bring soldiers the “gift of death” in a pamphlet entitled “Till Islam Lives in Islamabad”, distributed in the town of Miranshah in the North Waziristan tribal district. The chilling warning came as Washington reiterated its threat that it reserved the right to launch unilateral strikes against targets in Pakistan’s tribal belt, where it says Al-Qaeda and the Taliban have set up “safe havens.” Fighting along the Afghan frontier has intensified amid a nationwide wave of Islamist bloodshed that has killed more than 200 people, mostly security forces, after the July 10-11 raid on the radical Red Mosque in Islamabad. In the latest attacks Monday, seven Pakistani soldiers were wounded in two separate rocket and bomb attacks, a security official told AFP. The pamphlet, issued by a group calling itself the Mujahedin-e-Islam (Islamic holy warriors), accused Pakistani troops of doing the bidding of the United States and leading impure lives. “Go to your homes and earn halal (pure) income for your families… instead of serving the Americans,” the pamphlet said. It warned that its suicide attackers “love death more than you love your 5,000-rupee salary, nude pictures of Indian actresses and liquor.” “We know that you have become America’s slave and are serving infidel (non-believer President Pervez) Musharraf and have become a traitor to your religion for food, clothes and shelter.” Nineteen rebels were killed in weekend clashes in North Waziristan. Two soldiers were wounded Monday when rockets hit a checkpost in Razmak town, and a remote controlled improvised explosive device wounded five more as they rushed to help their colleagues, a security official told AFP. Amid the violence, talks to salvage a collapsed peace accord in North Waziristan ended with no result, with government envoys leaving the area after talks with tribal elders and religious leaders from the seven tribal districts. The deal, signed in September, was heavily criticised by Washington and Kabul. Militants tore it up over a week ago amid complaints about new checkpoints and a lack of compensation for damage in previous army operations. The governor of North West Frontier Province, Ali Jan Aurakzai, the architect of the accord, again met tribal elders in Peshawar to continue efforts to restore peace in nearby North Waziristan, officials said. US director of national intelligence Mike McConnell earlier said he believed Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was alive and sheltering in the lawless frontier zone where pro-Taliban tribal leaders hold sway. White House Homeland Security Adviser Frances Townsend reaffirmed the US stance when asked whether the United States would use “direct military force” against Al-Qaeda or Taliban elements inside Pakistan. “No question that we will use any instrument at our disposal to deal with the problem of Osama bin Laden and Zawahiri and Al-Qaeda,” she told CNN, referring to bin Laden’s number two Ayman al-Zawahiri. The US administration’s remarks sparked a curt response from Islamabad. “Our stance is that Osama bin Laden is not present in Pakistan,” Interior Minister Aftab Sherpao told AFP in the Pakistani capital. “If anyone has the information he should give it to us, so that we can apprehend him.


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