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Hanoi Jane Gets Her Groove Back And Kerry Trips Over His Own Lips Again


By Gary L. Olds

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Just when you think it’s safe to delve into adult politics, the full-moon loonies have to poke their goofy heads out of the ‘whack-a-mole’ holes once again to plunge our dreams of serious political thinking into a sort of fifth-dimension bizzaro land of confusion.  Of course, I’m referring to the re-emergence of two of this country’s most illustrious citizens – Jane “I haven’t made a good movie or a lick of sense in forty years” Fonda and John “they won’t let me attend any MENSA meetings” Kerry. Both of these examples of foolish thought and ridiculous actions are once again giving the rest of us Americans a collective headache.  What can we apply directly to their foreheads to get them to shut up and go away? I am old enough to remember “Hanoi Jane” from the days when she was beautiful and squirrelly; posing for photos with the enemy as they attempted to kill our pilots in
Vietnam and providing plenty of treachery here at home by inciting other likeminded nutjobs like her to violence, hatred, and anti-American thought.  Just a few years ago, with her career in the toilet, her age showing, and with a brief flare-up of conscience –  Fonda “apologized” for her past behavior which caused so many to despise her.  Now that many Americans have forgotten 9/11, abandoned rational thought, and have decided not to fight for  freedom and security, Jane has had a change of heart.  She has once again reared up in full armor like Athena from the head of Zeus to lead the weak and feeble-minded into non-battle by attending and speaking at an anti-war rally in
Washington D.C. this last weekend. 
 Clear-thinking Americans cringe at that thought, while Jane and her followers revel in their light-headed frenzy of foolishness.  Yes, I remember Jane when she was beautiful, successful, squirrelly and briefly relevant.  Now, she is just squirrelly. 
But, that is as much of Jane F. as I can take for one day.  Let’s look at another of
America’s screwballs; John Kerry.
 Not satisfied with resting on previous gaffs, Senator Kerry has graduated from calling our fighting men and women stupid as he did last year, to criticizing the entire United States; referring to the U.S. as “a sort of international pariah.” 
Massachusetts must be so proud!  With Kennedy and Kerry, how could they be otherwise?  Have you heard the latest?  Speaking to an international audience in Davos, Switzerland Sunday, Senator Kerry, responding to a question about whether the U.S. government has failed to adequately engage
Iran’s government before the election of hard-liner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2005.  Saying that the Bush administration has failed to adequately address a number of foreign policy issues, Kerry added, “When we walk away from global warming, Kyoto, when we are irresponsibly slow in moving toward AIDS in Africa, when we don’t advance and live up to our own rhetoric and standards, we set a terrible message of duplicity and hypocrisy…So we have a crisis of confidence in the Middle East – in the world, really.  I’ve never seen our country as isolated, as much as a sort of international pariah for a number of reasons as it is today.”

Kerry didn’t stop sticking the knife into America, however – he decided to plunge right on in and twist it a bit more just to be certain he got the job done – by saying the
U.S. needs to use diplomacy with Islamic terrorists as a way to ensure national security.  “We need to do a better job of protecting our interests, because, after all, that’s what diplomacy is all about,” he said.  “But you have to do it in a context of the reality, not your lens but the reality of those other cultures and histories.”  Kerry then criticized the “unfortunate habit” of Americans to see the world “exclusively through an American lens.”
 What!  Use diplomacy with Islamic terrorists?  Even for John Kerry, this is an idiotic notion – not to mention an impossible one since
Iran’s leaders have, on multiple occasions, stated that they will not engage in any sort of diplomacy with the West.  What they have said is that they will be happy see us all dead or converted to an Islamic state.  The Islamic process is well under way across the world and they have made it perfectly clear that they will never stop until the entire globe is under Islamic rule. 
And just what sort of lens does the failed 2004 Democratic candidate for President expect the
U.S. to look through?  I’ve looked through the lens of reality of those other cultures and histories, and I came away needing an eye wash and a handful of aspirins.  The ‘bad guys’ aren’t into compromise, diplomacy, or negotiation…heck, they’re not even into that new-fangled idea of the 21st Century.  They would be happy to take civilization backwards a thousand years or so…to much happier times when Islam was the foot on the neck of freedom and terror was a way of life.
 Kerry, complaining how the U.S. has “walked away from global warming” in
Kyoto, obviously missed the memo from real senators who understand that we have not walked away from it at all.  The Clinton administration never submitted the Kyoto agreement to the Senate for ratification; instead voting a decade ago, 99-0, recommending the
U.S. should not sign it at all.  I wonder what Kerry’s vote was on that day.
As far as the Bush administration being “slow” in moving toward AIDS in
Africa, Kerry may not have heard the rumor that Bush has targeted some $15 billion in aid for that continent.  Probably not true, right John?
 How is it possible for John Kerry, Jane Fonda, the
Hollywood crowd, and others like them to be so incredibly dense and simplistic?  Is it even possible to be so removed from reality that they will sacrifice the safety and sovereignty of their homeland for a few minutes of limelight?  These foolish, vain, weak, self-absorbed sissies would choose to ignore the danger to civilization which radical Islam poses to the world rather than confront and challenge their enemies. 
John and Jane…typical of the far left crowd – those weak-kneed pansies who would rather switch than fight.  “Can’t we all just get along?  Maybe if we could try to understand just exactly what it was that America has done to make them so unhappy…if we could see the world through their eyes and culture…if we could all be best friends for ever and ever…everything would be all better again and we could all sit around the campfire as brothers and sisters in tune with Nature, hold hands, sing folk songs, throw daises at each other, and share a big fat one… then everything would be okay, man.” Apparently, the Libs have not been told that while everybody is hugging the trees and contemplating their navels, the bad guys will slit their throats.  Do you imagine that the crystal worshipers who lay in the dirt around the fire with their life’s blood oozing out would have an epiphany of sorts?  Or, would they simply wonder what they did wrong to upset their new friends? 


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    Comment by REV MICHAEL J HAHN | August 9, 2007 | Reply

  2. Very interesting and informative article. I wonder just what has happened to the people that want to destroy their own nest…homeland. They act soooo stupid!! Thank you for your clear writing.

    Comment by Geri Read | August 20, 2007 | Reply

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