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A Growing Threat

(Investor’s Business Daily) Missile Defense: Everywhere you look these days, you see signs of nuclear proliferation. It’s a bad omen for the future — and another reason why the U.S. would be wise to get a missile defense system ready ASAP. It’s truly perplexing that our leaders in Washington would watch as rogue nations acquire nuclear weapons, then do nothing to protect us. Yet that’s what happened again Wednesday, when the House Appropriations Committee voted to cut $298 million from U.S. missile defense. That leaves just $80 million for a system that will cost $3.5 billion. Meanwhile: ** Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed his country “will never abandon” its nuclear program, while Russian scientists said Iran could start up its illegal Bushehr reactor next year. ** Saudi Arabia is secretly developing nuclear weapons in response to Iran’s growing threat, according to the Saudi Sawt Al-Salam Web site. As part of the effort, Pakistani scientists are working on a “massive underground nuclear center and missile base south of the capital of Riyadh,” it said. ** Pakistan, already a nuclear power, tested a cruise missile that could carry nuclear missiles. The Babur Hatf VII missile has a 435-mile range, enough to reach neighbors Iran and India. ** Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to “share” a radar system in Azerbaijan with the U.S. — not exactly a solution to U.S. concerns. Earlier, Putin threatened to aim missiles at Europe if nations there took part in a U.S. missile shield. Put bluntly, Russia is part of the threat, Putin’s posturing notwithstanding. As Martin Sieff, senior news analyst for UPI, noted, Russia’s strategic arsenal today has “at least 2,400 warheads — enough to obliterate every major population center in the Northern Hemisphere 10 times over.” Add to that the clear danger posed by nukes in North Korea and China, and the case for missile defense is overwhelming. To counter some of these threats, the U.S. has proposed building a very basic system, putting 10 missile interceptors in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic. Both countries enthusiastically embrace the plan. On Thursday, Britain said it would host a missile defense base. Germany and Japan also want a U.S. missile shield. Sadly, this is the program Congress wants to cut — even though our allies desperately want our help. Despite shrill protestations among Democratic politicians that missile defense “won’t work,” the rest of the world appears to strongly believe it will. As our own polling shows (see charts above), missile defense is also widely popular here in the U.S. — among all parties. Only in Congress does there seem to be a majority for keeping America vulnerable to terrorist threats and the possibility of nuclear annihilation.


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