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Pakistan leader rebuffs US threats to strike militants

ISLAMABAD (AFP) – Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf Tuesday called for a comprehensive strategy to deal with extremism as he rebuffed threats of air strikes on the country by US forces, the foreign ministry said. Musharraf made the comments at a meeting with visiting US Senator Richard Durbin in the southern port city of Karachi, during which they discussed Pakistan-US relations and counter-terrorism, the ministry said in a statement. Islamabad is battling pro-Taliban militants in its tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, but Washington has increased pressure on the South Asian country to do more. Pakistan maintains that military action alone cannot solve the problem of rising militancy but needs to be applied in conjunction with political dialogue and economic development in backward areas. Musharraf “emphasised that a comprehensive strategy, which embraced military as well as political, administrative and socio-economic elements, would help in addressing the challenge of extremism and terrorism,” the ministry said. As part of a political process, Pakistan entered into peace deals with tribesmen in North and South Waziristan, but two weeks ago, militants in North Waziristan scrapped the deal with the government. Musharraf was dismayed by recent statements by US officials and presidential hopeful Barack Obama threatening direct attacks against militant targets inside Pakistan. “The president pointed out that certain recent US statements were counter-productive to the close cooperation and coordination between the two countries in combating the threat of terrorism,” the ministry statement said. Musharraf had repeated his stance that only Pakistani security forces would take counter-terrorism action inside Pakistani territory. The Pakistani military ruler also expressed his “disappointment” over recent US legislation making future aid to Islamabad dependent on its performance in the fight against militants. Durbin “appreciated the contribution and sacrifices made by Pakistan” in the fight to curb extremism, the statement said. Islamabad has been angered by a string of what it has called “irresponsible and dangerous” warnings by US officials who claim that Pakistan’s tribal belt has become a safe haven for Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network.


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