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Bomb Threats Received Across The Country

(NTARC) Bomb threats are being received at banks, universities, stores, shopping centers and more across the country. Several of the calls appear to have been placed from outside the United States. In one instance, a Wal-Mart store wired $10,000 to an account after being threatened.

Man Extorts $10,000 From Wal-Mart Store

Police said a bomb threat at a Wal-Mart in Newport was part of a broader money scheme that has hit other businesses around the country.

Sgt. James Quinn of the Newport police said a man called the store around 7 a.m. threatening a bomb and demanding that the store wire $10,000 to an account. Quinn said the store sent the money.


Bomb Threat Caller Threatens Shoppers – Forces Several To Strip

A similar threat was received at a Dillons grocery store in Hutchinson Kansas. At the Dillons, it appeared the caller had some sort of visual access to the store.

Police received two calls about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday claiming there were bombs at the Dillons stores at 13th and Main and 30th and Plum streets. The store at 13th and Main was searched and nothing was found. But at 30th and Plum, in north Hutchinson, an employee also received a threatening call.

Jim Peterson, one of the hostages, said he was in the checkout line when the store manager told everyone to come to the front of the store. He said the manager was right next to him, talking to the caller.

Peterson said the manager was pleading with the caller not to harm anyone in the store.

“He was just beside himself,” Peterson said of the manager. “Everyone was really scared. We didn’t know if there was a bomb.”

At one point, the caller or perhaps a second person called the police. Capt. Troy Hoover said he spoke with the man briefly.

Walter Merian of Sterling said he and the other hostages obeyed the caller out of fear. He said he was worried someone was posing as a hostage and had a weapon.

“We thought if we tried something we could get shot,” he said.

Merian, Peterson and police said the caller demanded the female hostages take off their clothes. About 20 minutes later, the caller made a similar demand of the males.

Merian and Peterson said some complied out of fear of what would happen if they didn’t. Others refused.

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As stated previously, similar bomb threats have been received at numerous locations across the U.S. Below, are links to several of those stories.
Bomb Threat Prompts Vons Store Evacuation

Safeway in Prescott evacuated over bomb threat

FBI agents are investigating a bomb scare at a Prescott Safeway store Tuesday morning because the incident was similar to bomb scares at Safeway stores in other parts of the nation.

“We are aware of other similar incidents with bomb threats at Safeway stores nationwide,” FBI Special Agent Deborah McCarley said Tuesday. “We are looking into whether they are connected.”

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Bomb Threat At North County Grocery Store

A North County supermarket was evacuated Friday after a caller threatened to detonate a bomb and carry out a shooting rampage at the store unless money was wired to an Internet account, authorities said.

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Police investigate bomb threat at Sandy Safeway

The Sandy Safeway has reopened for business after a bomb threat shut down the grocery store for three-and-a-half hours Thursday.

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Police respond to bomb threat in Buchanan store

A bomb threat and hostage situation at the Hardings grocery store on Niles/Buchanan Road in Buchanan has forced the evacuation of the surrounding area.

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Banks in Missouri and Kansas receive bomb threats

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University of Iowa Receive Bomb Threat

The University of Iowa received another bomb threat today – its third e-mailed threat in just over two weeks.

But UI officials believe the e-mail today, and possibly the previous threats, could be part of a national rash of bomb threats at colleges and universities.

“Apparently these are happening on campuses all across the country,” UI spokesman Steve Parrott said.

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Two bomb threats and two evacuations at an Orem Macy’s store this morning.

Police say a man called early today to say there was a bomb in the store at 800 North State Street. He ordered store personnel to put cash on the front desk and leave.

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Bomb threats close Salem, Fairlawn Wal-Marts

Two separate but similar bomb threats led to evacuations of the Salem and Fairlawn Wal-Marts during the mid-day hours today. Both stores re-opened within two hours.

The first call came to Salem. Police say a man called the Woodforest National Bank office inside the store and said there was a bomb inside the building. The caller said the bomb would be detonated unless money was wired to an account. There are no details regarding how much money was demanded; police say the Western Union address given was not in the Roanoke area.

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Bomb Threat Raises Concern on Local College Campus

MTSU was among five universities across the country to receive bomb threats on the first day of the fall semester.

Three Middle Tennessee State University employees received e-mails Monday saying there were explosive devices on campus. Authorities said they checked several buildings, but didn’t find anything.

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Bomb threat closes King Soopers

A bomb threat this morning has closed the King Soopers shopping market at 30th Street and Arapahoe Avenue.

Police searched the building and found nothing, according to police spokeswoman Julie Brooks, and now bomb-sniffing dogs are being brought in to search the site.

Brooks said someone called in the threat and asked that money be wired or a bomb would be detonated in the market.

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Dean receives Bryan Hall bomb threat via e-mail

Police officers were dispatched to Bryan Hall Sunday after being notified of a bomb threat, IU Police Department Capt. Jerry Minger said.

Around 10 a.m., a dean in the building received a threatening e-mail mentioning a bomb around Bryan Hall, a building where the University president and other administrators work.

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UNH office receives fake bomb threat

Local police are working with federal authorities to investigate who e-mailed a fake bomb threat to the University of New Hampshire’s admissions office Sunday morning after several other schools across the country received bomb threats, too.


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