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Philippines increases security against “sympathy attacks” by rebel groups

(BBC) Manila, Philippines -Police have tightened security in malls in the eastern part of Metro Manila following reports that groups aligned with the Abu Sayyaf – the Jemaah Islamiyah [JI] and Rajah Solaiman Movement [RSM] – could be planning “sympathy attacks” in public places in the metropolis.

A memorandum from Chief Supt. Luizo Ticman, director of the Eastern Police District, said they have received information that members of the groups, which have links with the Al-Qa’idah terror network, are targeting three malls in Metro Manila.

Although no malls under the jurisdiction of the EPD were among the possible targets, Ticman said he still ordered security stepped up in public places.

Ticman also directed his police chiefs to intensify intelligence gathering activities and to tighten security measures in all vital installations and other probable terrorist targets.

The EPD is home to several large malls in the metropolis. Unlike in other districts, the malls in the area are close to each other and near Edsa, which makes them vulnerable to attacks.

Supt. Cornelio Barrios, chief of the EPD intelligence division, said the directive was “routine” and part of the Philippine National Police’s [PNP] preemptive measures to prevent JI and RSM from launching “sympathy attacks” in the city.

Barrios said the police were verifying the information about the two groups, adding that the data came from the military.

The PNP has been on full alert in Metro Manila since last week when the military intensified its offensive against the Abu Sayyaf in Mindanao.

The full police alert means all policemen in the areas covered must remain at their posts at all times. This is to pre-empt possible diversionary attacks from the rebels, Chief Supt. Samuel Pagdilao Jr., PNP spokesperson, said last week.

Police said the alert level would be downgraded depending on the evaluation of the PNP Intelligence Group on the situation in the metropolis.


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