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Terror head says al Qaida planning to attack West

(Birmingham Post) US authorities have “very strong indicators” that al Qaida is planning to attack the West, the head of the National Counterterrorism Centre said.

Retired vice admiral John Scott Redd said he was “pretty sure” al Qaida was likely to try to attack the West but the authorities did not have enough tactical detail to increase the threat level or issue a precise warning.

In an interview at his headquarters near Washington DC, Mr Redd said the intelligence lacked the tactical detail that would be needed to issue a specific warning, but said: “What we do have, though, is a couple of threads that indicate some very tactical stuff, and that’s what you’re seeing bits and pieces of, and I really can’t go much more into it.”

Mr Redd said there was a strong ideological content to the war on terror, and that it would probably be a long war.

He told the magazine that it was “no accident” that the US had not been hit for six years, but added: “We will probably lose a battle or two along the way. We have to prepare for that.”

He went on: “We have come a long way.

But these guys are smart. They are determined.

They are patient. So over time we are going to lose a battle or two.

“We are going to get hit again, you know, but you’ve got to have the stick-to-itiveness or persistence to outlast it.


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  1. You know, it’s always Al Qaida this and Al Qaida that and how dangerous they are to us. Al Qaida literally means “toilet” in most Arabic languages. How serious can you take a group named toilet? They’re nothing but a huge boogey-man. And “a couple of threads that indicate some very tactical stuff.” Seriously, is that supposed to bring any real factual thoughts to this so-called well informed statement? That’s like saying “we found some old thingy in the region of South America.” How long are they going to scare us with these fear-mongering tactics? Unfortunately, for them, their “facts” are so bad they’re laughable. Unfortunately, for us, most of us are so dumbed-down that we’ll actually believe them.
    Here’s a good real fact: Jet fuel did not pulverize 11 floors of steel and reinforced concrete a second.

    Comment by dianarn | August 31, 2007 | Reply

  2. Actually, Diana, you should read “Al-Qaeda: The True Story of Radical Islam” by Jason Burke. He takes your boogie man theory a step further and points out that “al-Qaeda” as an organization did not take that name until the U.S. government brought it up as part of the post-9/11 battle cry. There were disorganized factions here and there that called themselves “al-Qaeda,” but bin Laden didn’t actually adopt it for his crew until AFTER the words “al-Qaeda” had been uttered incessantly on frantic American radio stations. You see, that’s the one thing “al-Qaeda” and our government have in common: they both want American citizens to feel scared to death!

    Are you the same Diana that bashes my favorite medication? If so, glad to see we agree on the more important stuff!

    Comment by M. Frederick Voorhees | August 31, 2007 | Reply

  3. Yes. Al Qaeda is a media “brand.” It was only ever the name of the database that certain extremist groups in the Muslim World, including those with CIA and Pakistani Intelligence ties (say hello to Osama) utilized to track their funding, hence “the base”, the meaning of Al Qaeda.
    (See the Power of Nightmares,search the archives at Information Clearing House and read the work of journalist Daniel Hopsicker, among others.)
    Have a friend whose brother came back from service in Iraq doing intel. He tells me when his brother sees mention of Al Qaeda on TV he just shakes his head angrily and says, “What Al Qaeda?” No one over there uses that term. It’s just a media brand to sell to those of us over here, as if there’s one monolithic, external enemy entity that “we” are fighting.(There is no “we”–“we”, you and I and most Americans, aren’t on the team, never were and never will be; the crackpots in charge, in media, industry and government simply find it advantageous for us to think “we” are part of “their” team and to have us falsely identify with them. It helps keep us in line and unknowingly serving their interests instead of our own).
    There’s no monolithic external enemy. And you can’t wage a real war against a concept or a tactic, like “terrorism.” The cliques of “powerful” folks in charge know that. That’s why it’s a war that will never end because it can’t be won, not while psychopaths who use terrorist tactics to “fight” other psychopaths who use terrorist tactics, run the madhouse.

    Counter-terrorism is STILL terrorism, just like a counter-strike is still a strike. If there really was such a thing as a war on terrorism, the proper tactic in such a conflict would be non-violence. Thus, there’d Be no war, simply peace (as unpopular as that idea still is).
    The actual war being waged at the moment is a war on individuals, on communities, on cooperative social structures, local autonomy, etc. It is a war for total control–of populations(considered a “resource” like any other), of minds and of souls. Which is to say, it is the same old war between wanna-be controllers we have seen many, many, times before.
    It’s a war between rival factions of totalitarians and fascists, “our” fascists versus “theirs.” These factions sometimes cooperate with each other if they believe it is in their strategic interests and certain things that have happened, including, I suspect, 9/11, simply could not occur any other way.
    When you fall for the trick of rooting for one faction or another of the psychopaths “in charge”, whether it’s the one’s over here or the one’s over there, you’re rooting against yourself and rooting for increased suffering, slavery and death for people like you. Either way, the end result is the same, only the speed and flavor of the oppresion varies.

    If a terrorist attack happens, know that there has been collusion between rival factions of totalitarians, that the rival cliques of psychopaths responsible have grown desperate to maintain your fear-based allegiance and acquiescence, which is all their power is based upon: coercing you into acceptance, acquiescence and allegiance via fear and violent. But their terrorism is a tacit confession of their weakness. Remember this. Know, too, that if such an event occurs soon (as mouthpieces like Mr. Redd seem to be psychologically preparing us for), look to who benefits monetarily and politically and what groups use it to try and justify an increase in their power over you and the world, regardless of what national, religious or political “label” they disguise themselves with (look, too, for who attempt to stoke and manipulate your emotions).
    You are likely to find just as many corporations, political groups, and “prominent” or “respectable” individuals and other moneyed interests bearing American names among those who benefit from terrorizing you as you are to find individuals and entities of foreign extraction. That will begin to tell you what kind of game is being played.

    Whatever happens, do not cede your energy, allegiance or time to any of these psychopaths, even if they pretend to represent or protect you (we’re already used to sussing out the ones who obviously play the “bad guy” role). Turn away from the horror show and toward the individuals in your neighborhoods and communities, start to really connect, cooperate and do for yourselves, keeping on guard for self-appointed leaders. Then watch all these fascists–whether their mouthpieces appear on Fox/CNN News or Al Jazeera get afraid. Better yet, don’t watch them at all. Let them have their fear for themselves,alone.

    Comment by cadeveo | August 31, 2007 | Reply

  4. Ok so if jet fuel and a huge boeing airplane didnt bring down the world trade center, Then what did? I mean since its a fact and all, then there has to be a thruth to make what you say a fact.

    Comment by Derrick | August 31, 2007 | Reply

  5. Well, Derrick, at optimum efficiency (inside the jet) jet fuel burns at 1800F. Steel starts to melt at about 2200F or so. The steel on all the WTC was certified to burn at 2000F for 6 hours with no structural weakening. Certified means they actually do lots of tests on it and it costs lots of money and it makes the insurance companies sleep better at night. So now you tell me, what substance melts steel? What kind of substance could cause hot pools of molten steel to form at the bases of both towers and WTC 7 (that wasn’t hit by a plane, but still fell down at almost freefall speed 5 hours after 1 & 2). Those molten pools were still there for weeks after the towers fell. One thing is certain: jet fuel , aka kerosene, would not be able to do that. A funny experiment is to just look at differences in flame colors. There’s red, orange, yellow, white, blue, and some of the hottest ones are transparent. The flames on the towers were red and orange, the flames on your gas stove are blue. Blue flames are much hotter than red or orange, but you don’t see your stove melting.
    And Mr. Voorhees, I am also glad to see we agree on more important things, even though your favorite medication is pretty important, too. 🙂

    Comment by dianarn | September 1, 2007 | Reply

  6. Yea but No one has flown a huge jet with 90,000 gallons of jet fuel into my stove either. 🙂

    I could go on for hours talking about all the different ways the WTC buildings could have collapsed.
    So I will make it short and simple. If those planes hadn’t crashed into those buildings they would not have fallen.
    Besides the fuel burning ther was some pretty significant structural damage.

    Im just wondering if you are disputeing the fact that the planes caused the collapse?

    Because if so then I really want to hear any other reason. LOL

    Comment by Derrick | September 1, 2007 | Reply

  7. You’re dumb as a box of rocks. Watch this video.

    Comment by dianarn | September 1, 2007 | Reply

  8. Oh ok cool So then Osama is really just some poor innocent guy that is getting the shitty end of the stick. hmmmm
    I guess the 200 and some odd people that died in the pentagon was just a way for our government to say your fired. So I see your a michael Moore fan. Ill bet that London did the same thing then huh? Must have been a pretty successful government conspiracy. Considering Terrorist attacks have been happening in various countries on countless occasions since 9/11. I mean with all them hardcore “facts” you obtained on “youtube”, who could disagree with you. LOL… Maybe it was a multi country conspiracy against ourselves? Damn if we cant trust ourselves then we are in a world of trouble. Kind of like being an American living in the middle east, Just a matter of time before we lose our heads. So Al-Qaeda is made up, the ohhhh so holy jihad, the numerous acts of terrorism, the plan to destroy Israel and the U.S., All of the videos with these so called holy people either claiming attacks or making threats, All of those poor so called terrorists sitting in Gitmo, all of the poor so called terrorists with bombs or terrorist related material in there possetion, all of the front organizations ‘not just in our country’ gathering money to fund there evil operations, the front groups who provide lawyers and a lot of other support for these sick folks like say C.A.I.R.. But what do I know im just as dumb as a box of rocks, trying to talk to a far left conspiracy theorist that wants to think our world is just peaches and cream, accept for our government that is.
    Maybe we should pull our troops out, give Iran a couple of real nukes, Hand them Iraq on a silver platter, and wait for them to carry out there stated goals. Because there no real threat anyway right? It’s our own government we need to be worried about, I mean if what you say is “true”, then God bless us all because our government has nukes and probably will drop one on all the seven major cities Osama Bin Laden claimed he would. Osama must be like the spokes person for the dark secret side of the U.S. in your world huh? =)

    Comment by Derrick | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  9. Obviously you didn’t watch the movie, so move along. When you’re ready to talk factual logic, instead of emotionally charged opinion, I’ll happy to speak with you. Your sarcastic, marshmallow-fluffed argument is a waste of my time and yours. By the way, since you know so much about Osama bin Laden, why don’t you tell me his CIA asset name?

    Comment by dianarn | September 3, 2007 | Reply

  10. Hey Dian I just saw a new development claiming Bin Laden plans on releasing a video on the anniversary of 9/11…

    How dare he take credit for something our government is responsible for.
    I cant believe the nerve of this guy, he honestly thinks he can just keep his supporters happy by stealing George Bush’s spotlight. It just makes me sick, everyone knows he couldn’t have made flames and drop buildings like ol George can.
    I think you should release that video of yours on national T.V. the same day. It’s only fair that everyone in the U.S. knows the “real truth” and dose not fall into all that terrorism Al-Qaeda Mumbo Jumbo. LOL… =)

    Comment by Derrick | September 7, 2007 | Reply

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