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Terror police arrest methods slammed by QC

(Birmingham Post) Police arrested a terror suspect and bound his mother, father and three brothers during a dramatic raid on their family home, a court heard yesterday.

The High Court in Glasgow heard an account of the raid which led to the detention of Mohammed Atif Siddique. The 21-year-old, from Alva, in Clackmannanshire, denies a total of five charges, including distributing terrorist materials through websites and claiming to be a member of the al Qaida terror network.

Detective Constable John Hay, of Central Scotland Police, told how officers burst into the Siddique family home in Alva at 7am. Siddique was arrested and his mother and father and three brothers had their wrists tied using a type of cable.

He was taken to the Scottish terrorist detention centre in Glasgow.

But once there he was told he could not contact anyone – and was denied a request to inform his father of his arrest.

Det Con Hay said: “He was denied access to anyone being informed.

“It was on instructions of the senior investigative officer.

“The gist of it was we didn’t know who else was involved in what he was up to.”

Donald Findlay QC, defending, hit out at the police’s methods, calling them “crude”.

He said: “The door was smashed in at 7am and the mother, father and three brothers were tied up using some kind of cable.”

And he attacked the decision not to let the accused inform his father.

“Have you ever heard anything so stupid?” Mr Findlay asked the court.

After Siddique’s arrest, a police team searched his house for three days and took away hundreds of items.

These ranged from CDs and floppy disks to old receipts and an MP3 player.

The court earlier heard how Siddique was stopped at Glasgow Airport only days before the house was raided.

He had been trying to fly out to Pakistan with an uncle. But after searching his cases and computer, officers found nothing and he was released the same evening.

The trial continues.


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