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N.J. FBI Director Warns Of Homegrown Threat

(WNBC TV)NEW YORK – New Jersey’s new FBI director warned Friday the homegrown terror threat is an ongoing concern and that his agents are currently tracking numerous extremists in the tri-state area who are potential security threats. “There are individuals that we are very concerned about that are engaged in activities that are criminal and potentially threaten the homeland,” said Weysan Dun, Newark’s FBI Director. “We are very aggressively working to monitor these individuals to develop the intelligence and certainly when we can develop a prosecutable case to take effective law enforcement action.”

Dun said he worries six years after the 9/11 attacks that the public is growing weary and “complacent” about the ongoing terror threat. But he stressed there are no new specific plots or threat information for the New York and New Jersey regions.

Dun is a 25-year FBI veteran who had been running the FBI’s Springfield, Illinois division.

Dun, a Missouri native, helped lead the corruption investigation into former Illinois Governor George Ryan. Upon arriving in New Jersey, he helped navigate corruption charges against former Newark Mayor Sharpe James. Dun said after counter-terrorism, corruption investigations are top priority.

“That type of abuse of the public trust merits a very aggressive response from us and other law enforcement agencies,” Dun said. Dun said the recent killings of college-bound students in a Newark schoolyard has his office taking another look at how the FBI can help crack down on gang-related shootings in New Jersey cities.

Newark has the nation’s 7th largest FBI field office. Dun said agents will continue to focus on white-collar and organized crime cases, albeit with fewer resources. Many resources, he said, have been shifted to the counter terrorism effort.

“Obviously we cannot be everywhere. We have to rely on the citizens of the community,” Dun said. “They are the ones that are most likely to notice first notice that something is amiss.?


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