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Jihad Boom Postcard Update – “9/11 ? 10/10″ Significance

(NTARC) Several of you have emailed your thoughts on what the motive or message could be. While some say it’s nothing more than a prank, others feel it could be something more significant. We’ll highlight a couple of the emails that caught our attention.

The Sequence of Numbers

From the 9-11, 10-10, sequence, an additional sequence date would be 11-9. (11-9 would also be the European date format for 9-11) This might be important considering the writing on the postcard of “9-11 ? 10-10”. The question mark may mean “you figure out the KEY date in the middle- haha” sort of a taunt. he does this ? thing on all the postcards.

October 10, 2002 – Congressional Authorization To Use Military Force In Iraq

A possible significance of the 10/10 date. It is the day the US Congress gave President George Bush authorization to use military force against Iraq.

October 10, 732 – The Battle of Tours – Epic War Between Muslims and Christians

A another and perhaps very significant tie to the 10/10 date is that it was also the beginning date for the Battle of Tours , also called Battle of Poitiers and “The Battle of The Court of Martyrs”.

The battle at Tours was the turning point battle of the epic war between the Muslims and the Christians. This battle won by Charles Martel and his Franks stopped the spread of Islam into Western Europe. If Abd-ur-Rahman had won the battle at Tours and conquered even farther into Europe then the world as it is know might be different.


The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is appealing to the public for help in finding the person or persons who mailed postcard bomb threats to local high schools last week.

The postcards, released Monday by the sheriff’s Terrorist Intelligence Unit, all depict a building with the roof blowing off and stick figures flying out.

All say “9-11? 10-10 Jihad – boom.”

The postcards prompted the Marion County School District to prohibit backpacks and book bags on Sept. 11.

Deputies have exhausted most other leads, said Maj. Terry Bovaird.

“The only way to break this case is by releasing this information,” he said.

Fingerprints taken from the cards didn’t match any known prints in law enforcement databases, he said. And DNA analysis sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab isn’t completed yet.

Deputies found an impression of the name “Matthew A.” on some of the cards, as if it had been written on something placed over the cards, Bovaird said. That prompted the questioning of every Marion County high school student named Matthew with a last name beginning with “A” last week, he said.

Deputies and school officials are hoping someone will recognize the distinctive style of the drawings, Bovaird said.

“They’re pretty much hand-drawn,” he said.

The stick figures vary in number from postcard to postcard, and other aspects are inconsistent, he said. But whoever sent the cards mailed them from the Ocala-Gainesville area, and knew that the exact postage for postcards is 26 cents, he added.

School district spokesman Kevin Christian said the threats did more than just disrupt school schedules.

“It’s not just a disruption to the school,” he said. “It’s a disruption to the whole community.”


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  1. Another case of “sudden jihad” syndrome. Another immigrant muzzie trying to frighten the infidels. It’s no prank. He should be shot or deported immediately along with his muzzie relatives. Yes, I said it.
    Stop muslim immigration to the U.S. NOW!
    Outlaw islam in the U.S. NOW!
    Deport all foreign born muslims and their children back to their home countries NOW!
    Remember, islam’s the “religion of peace”…and they’ll kill you to prove it.

    Comment by new crusader | September 20, 2007 | Reply

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