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With 300,000 names on list, terrorist center always on alert

WASHINGTON (CNN) — About a hundred times a day, from anywhere in the world, a phone call comes in that sounds something like this: I think I’ve got a terrorist suspect here, can you check it out?

Answering those calls are dozens of operations specialists in a highly secure center in a classified location in northern Virginia. With access to the government’s secret terror watch list, their job is to make sure nobody on the list falls through the cracks.

CNN got a firsthand look inside the Terrorist Screening Center recently — but not until a security officer who accompanied the TV crew at all times bellowed to the hub of the center’s operation, “Unsecure!” to make sure any classified information was protected from view.

For the first time publicly, officials told CNN the consolidated watch list has 300,000 names.

Previously, the government had confirmed the center’s database had 700,000 records, explaining that one person could be listed by several names or aliases. VideoWatch analysts working in the Terrorist Screening Center »

The center’s director, Leonard Boyle, said about 5 percent of the names on the list are U.S. citizens.

The procedure goes something like this. If a law enforcement or security officer working at a border crossing or an airport or making a traffic stop runs the name of a person through a computer and gets an initial positive hit, he calls the Terrorist Screening Center, where an analyst determines whether the person stopped is indeed on the terror watch list.

The analyst then questions the caller further to find out details about the suspect and uses information on the center’s database to make a determination.


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  1. These comments below were left on our youtube email center.

    “You know I have a list of all wanted terroist’s locations in the world but I’m not going to tell you where they are …HAHAHAHA!!”

    these comments were written by:

    Dean Tokumaru
    11 Pine Dr
    Santa Barbara, CA 93105

    We have contacted the FBI.

    Comment by Layerco | October 6, 2007 | Reply

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