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Terrorism expert concerned about bond between Islamic terrorists, MS-13 street gang

(One News Now) An Arab Christian and New York Times best-selling author says she’s concerned about an alliance and friendship between members of a notorious Latin American street gang and Islamic terrorists.

Brigitte Gabriel, founder and president of the American Congress for Truth, recently had the opportunity to testify before Congress about her concerns on the Islamic threat. She told members that various terrorist groups al-Qaida, Hezbollah, and Hamas, among others, are working with the MS-13 gang in smuggling terrorists across the Mexican border into the United States.

“The MS-13 gang is bad news. They are thugs. They are murderers. They are as bad as the Islamic radicals. These guys do not think twice about killing. They will kill their own family members. And this is why they found a great ally in the terrorist organizations,” says Gabriel.

Gabriel says America should only welcome into the country people who are willing to play by the rules in order to live the American dream. “I had to study a two-inch-thick book so I can take the test to become an American citizen,” she states. “And only those who want to be Americans, like me, so badly and are willing to adopt American culture — those are the ones we should have in this country. Not the terrorists, and not those who are dragging our culture down.”

Gabriel says it is unfortunate that MS-13 exists across the United States and in almost all the major cities in the country — a condition she believes should be unacceptable to any American, regardless of political affiliation. Gabriel believes that sooner or later the U.S. is going to pay a very heavy price for failing to build a fence and failing to take other steps to secure the nation’s southern border.


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