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Al-Qaeda: Still Number One Threat to U.S.; The White House calls it the “most serious and dangerous” terrorism threat

(CBNNews) – WASHINGTON – A new White House report says that al-Qaeda poses the number one terrorist threat to the American homeland.

The report comes as Congress is considering expanding the government’s powers to spy on suspected terrorist at home.

The United States has not been the target of a terrorist attack since September 11, 2001. However, the report reveals al-Qaeda is still trying for another major attack on American soil.

The White House says the group is stepping up its efforts to place agents within the United States — and calls it the “most serious and dangerous” terrorism threat.

“Terrorists in faraway lands are plotting and planning new ways to kill Americans. The security of our country and the safety of our citizens depend on learning about their plans,” President Bush said.

Bush says the United States must stay on the offense, and one of the ways to do that is to monitor terrorists here at home and overseas.

It is the manner in which the government does the monitoring that is placing the president at odds with the democratic-controlled congress, working to extend part of a controversial law set to expire in February.

Democrats say the new version must protect Americans’ civil liberties.

“The power to invade people’s privacy cannot be exercised unchecked,” Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y. said.

The provisions of the new law would require the government to obtain a court order to listen-in on foreigners who might be communicating with Americans.

The president calls that a step backwards.

He said, “Congress must make a choice. Will they keep the intelligence gap closed by making this law permanent? Or will they limit our ability to collect this intelligence and keep us safe staying a step ahead of the terrorists who want to attack us?”

Although the administration says the law has helped keep to Americans safe, Bush says he won’t sign any bill that doesn’t grant retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies that cooperated with the government’s electronic surveillance without court orders.

There are currently 40-pending lawsuits that claim telecommunications companies violated wiretapping laws in complying with the surveillance plan.


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