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CAN views Values Voter Summit in Washington DC

(Christian Action Network) CAN leaders discovered there is good news and bad news of how oriented conservative values voters are to the threat of jihadism and terrorist training camps in America at a weekend summit of activists in Washington DC at the Hilton Washington Hotel, Oct. 18-21.

The trend holds true from so many past political causes – the grass roots conservatives are far ahead of their leaders in perceiving a problem and the need to effectively respond.

The Values Voter 2007 Washington Briefing was a top-notch gathering of thousands, plus 250 credentialed media representatives, to hear all the major Republican candidates for U.S. President and a plethora of speakers on the popular hot-button issues such as the sanctity of life and defending marriage.

Event organizers did not completely forget the value of defending our families from terrorists plotting murders and organizing for future attacks in our neighborhoods – a “breakout session” devoted to the subject of radical Islam touched on the subject Saturday afternoon.[see related story]

The 120-person capacity room packed to more than 150, and equal numbers were turned away, as the groundswell of grassroots concern found the issue was not adequately catered to.

CAN President Martin Mawyer said better luck next year – perhaps by the Sept. 12-14 planned Washington Briefing, same hotel, same sponsors.

He and board member Jerry Skirvin found their supply of booklets, “Jihad in America” quickly depleted Saturday evening. “Actually, the fact that so many were being turned away was a good opportunity for us to hand out our literature and meet a lot of people,” Mawyer said.

He added he thought the issue could have been better addressed from the main stage as a top-billed matter of concern for values voters as well as every other kind of voter.

Newt Gengrich touched on some encouraging statistics about overall American awareness of terrorist threats and their desire to act, during his address in the hotel’s International Ballroom. [see related story]

For Presidential candidates and their views on jihadism threats in America, see related stories presently and through further updates here in the future.

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