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Commission recommends closing Islamic Saudi Academy

(Christian Action Network) Fairfax Co. Virginia – The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom is looking to parents and alumni of Islamic Saudi Academy to help gather all its curriculum information together – the Saudi embassy is not cooperating, a spokesperson said Tuesday, Oct. 23.

The commission recommended the U.S. State Department open diplomatic talks with the Saudi government in order to obtain official Saudi textbooks used at the government-run school near Washington D.C., and close the academy locations until the official Saudi textbooks are available for a “comprehensive public examination.”

The commission sought assurances from Saudi Arabia indicating problem texts were revised per prior agreements for full cooperation to eliminate language that includes religious intolerance, meaning jihadist calls for warfare and violence against so-called infidels.

“We are still hoping to see the textbooks that are being used,” Commission Communications Director Judith Ingram said. “That is still our greatest interest here: we see no evidence that they have been revised.”

Ingram noted a commission-led delegation to Saudi Arabia obtained a policy statement from their government promising to revise official school textbooks, removing material that “promotes hatred and intolerance.”

“I am still getting many calls from parents, and letters from alumni – the curriculum materials we’ve received came from families of children who had attended,” Ingram said. “I’d certainly encourage parents and families to help out by furnishing more curriculum materials – if we can’t obtain them from the Saudi embassy, perhaps we will have to look to other sources.”

Information so far includes background studies in Saudi state curriculum from a 2003 study headed by a Saudi judge and a Saudi journalist, stating boys are taught “In order to safeguard their own religion, they must violently repress and even physically eliminate the ‘other’.”

“There are passages in the various Tawhid editions stating that the blood and property of polytheists may be taken by Muslims,” the report states. “What remains then, is a principle of behavior sanctioning the murder of those with whom one disagrees.”

“According to the academy’s brochure, the Islamic Saudi Academy uses Saudi government curriculum, syllabus and materials,” Ingram said.

A 2006 report analyzing textbooks for the 2005-06 school year found, “a ninth-grade Saudi textbook on Hadith teaches teenagers in apocalyptic terms that violence towards Jews, Christians and other unbelievers is sanctioned by God,” the commission report stated.

One quoted textbook reads, “The hour of judgment will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.”

Another example, “Jihad in the path of God,” a grade-12 textbook, is a primer on “battling against unbelief, oppression, injustice and those who perpetrate it” as the summit of Islam.

It clarifies a meaning of jihad as self-perfection, or “wrestling in the spirit,” is a part of jihad, but jihad is acknowledged for its militant core meaning.

Ingram said the Saudi government has refused requests over several years, yet its operations are covered by the Foreign Missions Act, and the Islamic Saudi Academy operations are also due to the Saudi government’s ownership of the school.

She added the President and/or State Department could take action based on the school’s status as a non-diplomatic activity of the embassy. “The non-diplomatic activities of the Islamic Saudi Academy cannot be conducted by and through an embassy,” she said.

Ingram said she recommends the Bush Administration and State Department to conclude discussions within a 90-day period and prepare further actions if needed. If textbooks are released, they should be thoroughly examined, she added.

On the table is a further recommendation to have the academy closed, especially if Saudi leaders continue to rebuff diplomatic discussions and the 90-day timeframe passes.


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  1. Deliberately misleading children by not teaching them to be Americans , in America , is deliberate and sinister. If there is not a law that applys we need one. We also need the will to enforce . Just what is the problem with the people we send to represent us .?We must have the very finest politicians money can buy. You make a bargain with the devil the devil wins.

    Comment by Tony Vitale | October 27, 2007 | Reply

  2. Dear all of you who read this article,

    I was relieved to learn that ISA (Islamic Saudi Academy) might be shut-down. I am hoping they close this school down as I was a former student of ISA for my seventh-grade year in 2004. This school is full of violent and uncivilized students with a grudge towards those of other faiths and beliefs. Surely this school does promote un-Islamic beliefs such as terrorism, violence and racism, towards people of other religions. I recall when a Jewish student had joined us in eighth grade that was beat-up, teased and, mistreated so much to the point where he actually left the school within a month. The students in ISA are some of the most disrespectful and ill-mannered people I’ve ever met. Not only do the students pick on students of other faiths, they also pick on minorities with the same beliefs such as the Black, Asian and Hispanic populations. I’ve experienced this first-hand and not much is done about it as the principal and administration have no control over the students and seem to side with the Saudi students as they themselves are Saudi.


    – Sammy Hassan, Former student at Islamic Saudi Academy, Mclean, VA

    Comment by Samuel | November 2, 2007 | Reply

  3. @ sammy hassan
    i feel like your story was fabricated.

    and even if it wasn’t, HELLO? what school did you go to afterwards? are you stupid in the head? NO FREAKING COMMON SENSE? every school is going to have some form of violence or what not.. there’s a reason why in-school suspension, suspension, expulsion EXISTS.

    are you living in a freaking HOLE btw? just because some “jewish” student joined you in 8th grade got beat up, DOESN’T MEAN that he got beat up because he was jewish– he might be just some prick that nobody likes (maybe because he’s an asshole or whatever reason) or stole someone’s girlfriend..THEN got beat up and made fun of.. if someone hates you, most of the time, they will make fun of you or say things that they think will hurt you –correct?

    also, given any high school, if you go to a cafeteria, at some points you’ll see, asians siting with asians, blacks sitting with blacks, hispanics sitting with hispanics.. wtf are you going to call that segregation now? LOL oooooh that highschool is promotes segregation! we need to shut down that school!

    and wtf kind of an argument is
    “This school is full of violent and uncivilized students with a grudge towards those of other faiths and beliefs. Surely this school does promote un-Isamic beliefs such as terrorism, violence and racism, towards people of other religions.”

    WTF IS THAT? that’s like saying gang violence promotes terrorism and racism. can you use your brain the next time you post

    anyway, i think people like you need to be a little bit more open minded and use common sense.. we are in 2007 now.. everyday, we’re surrounded by things that may influence the society negatively but it’s LIFE. take for example, rap, if you turn on a station with rap, 85% of the time it’s talking about women negatively.. whether it’s sex, hoes, whores, etc. i don’t see you preaching about women’s rights and how men should treat women.. LOL

    /end rant

    Comment by eLaine | November 20, 2007 | Reply

  4. The late summer of 1994 Wells Fargo Security took over the contract providing internal security to ISA from Vance Security. I was a Wells Fargo rent-a-cop and the ISA was the site I was employed at.
    The staff of ISA and the students were very polite and respectfully while I was there and the first impression many have visiting the school would be very postitive. However, there is a dark feeling of dread the longer a person stays and many of the non-Muslim staff would would discuss it when not around the Muslim staff or students.
    That school (ISA) while I do not have a smoking gun to prove it is doing something illegal gave me the same feeling I had when once in the woods when before I tipped a rock over a deadly snake would under it.
    The nation should pay heed and watch that school, the staff, and students and be on the alert.


    Comment by Marshall | November 25, 2007 | Reply

  5. I just completed reading the “Sammy” story and I will tell you now there never would be a Jewish student or a non-Muslim student allowed to attend ISA. I suspect the story is a complete hoax. The one part that could be true was the Saudi kids and the way they would behave toward other non-Saudi students, however disciple was strict and when a child misbehaved and suspension used which was the most popular punishment, only when both parents came in see the ISA principle for a conference was that child allowed to return to school. So I have to say that Sammy does not have a clue about ISA.


    Comment by Marshall | November 25, 2007 | Reply

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