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Update: “Man Arrested On Charges of Planting Pipe Bomb on S.R. 417” Explosives May Be Planted Somewhere in Central Florida; Sheriff: Devices Powerful Enough To Kill

(Internet Broadcasting Systems and ORLANDO, Fla. — A group believed responsible for making and planting homemade bombs on Disney property and near a busy road may have placed other explosives around Central Florida, according to investigators.

An investigation was launched in July after sheriff’s deputies responded to a pipe bomb explosion in a Downtown Disney trash bin.

Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said officers have determined that the device at Disney and another bomb found on the side of the Highway 417 and International Drive Wednesday were planted by the same people. And, there may be more unfound devices in the area.

“Further investigation has led us to believe that there were a number of suspects involved,” Beary said. “One suspect, after questioning, led us to believe there were other devices made and discarded in Orange County.”

Beary said both found explosives were powerful enough to kill someone.

“Every since 9/11 happened there seems to be more and more of this activity out there,” Beary said. “There seems to be more and more players who want to get involved and they really don’t know what they’re messing with. (They’re) not only a danger to others, they’re a danger to themselves.

Beary said the incidents are not terrorist-related.

Officers said Brandon Ryan Woll, 21, was arrested in connection with Wednesday’s discovery but three or four more people will likely be taken into custody this week.

According to an arrest report, Woll told investigators he put the bomb on the road.

There were no injuries in connection with the discovery of the devices.

The FBI and Orange County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the discovery.

Police: More Pipe Bombs May Be Found


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