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Albany plane passenger had razor Man bypassed JFK security checks, feds say

(Times Union) ALBANY — A man who was pulled of a flight at Albany International Airport for sneaking past security at a New York airport had a 4-inch straight razor concealed in his carrying on bag, federal authorities allege.

During an arraignment late this morning in U.S. District Court, William Contreras Ramos, 20, was charged with carrying a concealed, dangerous weapon onto an aircraft.

According to court documents, Ramos was waiting for the Albany leg of a flight from Puerto Rico that had a layover at John F. Kennedy Airport when he went outside to smoke a cigarette.

Ramos admitted that while he was smoking the cigarette he noticed he was running late for his connecting flight and “went through a door opened by a man and ran to the gate where he boarded the flight,” the court documents say.

Authorities in Albany were alerted that a passenger on the flight from JFK had gotten back on a plane without going through security, police said.

Once they found Ramos getting off the plane in Albany, the Transportation Safety Administration investigators searched him and his bag. They say they discovered the straight razor wrapped in a shirt in his bag.

Ramos allegedly walked through the exit lane of a security checkpoint at JFK around 6:40 p.m. Tuesday, prompting officials to evacuate two terminals and re-screen all passengers almost three hours later.

Officers developed a description of Ramos and determined he boarded a Delta Airlines flight to Albany. He was taken into custody by Albany County Sheriff’s deputies and federal officers when he landed.


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