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Terror suspect published terrorism book

(New Zealand Limited) A Wellington woman arrested in last month’s police raids and potentially facing charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act published a book on the effects of the global “war on terror” last year.

Valerie Morse, 36, is a well-known figure in Wellington activist and peace movement circles.

Involved in numerous left-wing causes, she has protested naked against genetic engineering, and been prominent in vocal protests against Wellington mayor Kerry Prendergast and the United States ambassador to New Zealand.

Born in Takapuna, Morse was brought up in the United States before returning to New Zealand 10 years ago. She faces three charges under the Arms Act after being arrested in the nationwide swoop on October 15.

She is charged with possession of ammunition, namely two.22 calibre cartridges; and faces two joint charges, one of possession of large calibre semi-automatic weapons and the second of possession of molotov cocktails.

Police have referred evidence on Morse’s activity to the Solicitor General to consider whether she should face further charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act.

In June, Morse published a book entitled Against Freedom: The war on terrorism in everyday New Zealand life.

The book’s publisher, Rebel Press, said the book looks at anti-terror legislation passed in New Zealand since 2001, and of the implications for activists – particularly those involved in anti-war, environmental and Tino Rangatiratanga movements – as well as migrants and refugees.

The book also examines the rise of State surveillance by the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and the media’s role in reporting on the “war on terror” in the Pacific and further abroad.

One passage from the book reads: “It is clear that political dissent is now more perilous and more treacherous than before September 11th.

“Given the new counter-terrorism laws, the possibility of being not only labelled a terrorist in the media, but prosecuted as one, is a reality.

“By casting political dissent as terrorism, the government, its agencies, the media, and other vested interests assault our freedom of expression.


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