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Conservative leaders respond to federal court “mistrial” Islamic jihadists funding HAMAS terrorists won a hung jury in federal court, CAN President Martin Mawyer and noted commentator Cal Thomas respond

(Christian Action Network) “This just gives you some idea of what we’re dealing with, how well they mask what they are really up to,” CAN President Martin Mawyer said about a federal case mistrial recently in Texas.

Dallas Northern District Federal Court trial proceedings against Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, an organization U.S. prosecutors said is linked to HAMAS terrorists, ended in a mistrial in late October. A new trial process is set to begin Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Mawyer said the case, costing possibly $millions to prosecute, illustrates how jihadists in the U.S. conceal their true activities and goals, and how difficult it has been for federal authorities to flush them out.

“It can be very difficult for U.S. prosecutors to simplify the issues for juries, especially with the Islamists putting on their “experts” and debating word meanings, for instance, what jihad means,” Mawyer said.

In separate comments made public recently, noted conservative commentator Cal Thomas said it is important to realize that the hung jury is no indication of innocence.

“Think O.J. Simpson’s murder trial,” he said.

Mawyer compared the situation in Texas to his finger-pointing to numerous Muslims of the Americas compounds in the U.S. and Canada, and their links to Jamaat ul-Fuqra terrorists.

According to taped statements by MOA founding Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, the camps and schools provide contacts and training in “guerilla warfare” in a jihad “for oppressed Muslims.”

“It seems like you can have smoking-gun evidence, but it still isn’t enough for some reason,” Mawyer said.

Thomas was additionally blunt. “Anyone in doubt about the game plan for infiltrating, undermining and attacking America from within our borders had better sober up,” he said.

“Our enemies know our ways and they are using them to gain a strategic advantage over us,” he added.

“From the rapid construction of mosques and Islamic schools across our country to the use of front organizations to channel money to terrorist groups abroad, a ‘fifth column’ has been opened.”

Thomas referred to sedition and betrayal by people assumed to be peaceful neighbors within a nation but who have loyalties to powers without that seek to undermine and destroy it.

“We used to call such people traitors before the term was submerged in a wave of political correctness,” Thomas said.

The 42-count indictment against the foundation and seven named individual defendants noted the so-called relief agency funded, “Haradat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyya,” [aka HAMAS] “Arabic for the Islamic Resistance Movement,” stated the 56-page document obtained by CAN News.

The U.S. contends Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization for HAMAS and founded what was then the Occupied Land Fund in 1988 to fulfill the fundraising mission of the Brotherhood’s “Palestinian Committee.”

HAMAS poured money from U.S. sources to its terrorists targeting Israeli citizens in their jihadist terror campaign, according to the case indictment narrative.


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  1. This blog is the most bogus piece of trash I have ever seen.

    “CAN News”?? Please, Marty….give us all a break. Your just another idiot blogger with a chip on your shoulder trying to make a name for yourself.

    Keep it up…It’s great entertainment!

    Comment by MuslimAmerican | November 10, 2007 | Reply

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