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CAN leaders seek producer input for video documentary

(Christian Action Network) CAN leaders sat down with a video production expert Thursday, Nov. 8, to lay out preliminary arrangements for a full-length documentary on Muslims of the Americas.

CAN President Martin Mawyer said he hopes to pull together about 20 hours of original footage contributed by field activists and CAN technical coordinator, Martin’s son Michael Mawyer. “That’s the first step in this thing – and it’s good to look at it step by step,” Stone Blue Productions President Jeremiah Guelzo said.

The documentary project seeks to provide a wide audience with fully researched material on Muslims of the Americas and alleged ties to Jamaat ul-Fuqra terrorists and past terrorist violence. Also part of the project is commentary on the terrorist threat in general in the U.S. and Canada, a calling to Americans north and south of shared continental borders to protect the peaceful and prosperous society we enjoy because of our freedoms.

Guelzo said his studio could begin work on “rendering” the raw footage, processing it to a series of hard drives. From there, a session of highly technical conversation took place between Guelzo and Michael Mawyer.

“I switched to Avid because most TV and Hollywood uses it,” Michael Mawyer Told Guelzo. “The Avid ‘Mojo’ helps in capturing video without dropping frames, and it’s higher quality.” “I see your point, we just have had a lot of success with Sony Vegas, we moved from Adobe Premier and found Vegas to work real well for us,” Guelzo replied.

At one point, Martin Mawyer leaned over to his son and said, “What you’re trying to explain to me right there is beyond me, but as long as you know what you’re talking about, that’s okay.” The sentiment matched Guelzo’s point as head of a full-service production company in Virginia. “I can tell you what you’ll need if you tell me what you’re looking for as an end result,” he said.

Production background helps include use of news segments possibly from companies such as Creatas Footage or Getty Images. “Explain to me Getty Images,” Martin Mawyer said. “You mentioned watermarking?” Guelzo explained the segments can be edited into the documentary with watermarked feed – so it’s placed as desired. “Only what you need in is paid for, and they provide the non-marked copy for final production,” Guelzo said.

“We’ll do voiceover in a studio,” Margin Mawyer said. “I’m looking to have a woman’s voice on basic factual context stuff, then any commentary or opinion stuff would be said by me.” Once the footage is “dumped” onto hard drives, CAN would have a digital system for moving through the footage and noting segments for use.

“If you’d like a segment, such as 32 minutes, 15 seconds to whatever, like 33 minutes, 38 seconds, then that would be marked for pulling to a new file,” Guelzo said. “I want to start editing this thing, I wish we could do that right now – narrow our footage down to 30 or 40 minutes from, what, the 20 or so hours of raw footage we have,” Martin Mawyer said.

The program, process, technical equipment and domain names and terms would be left to Guelzo and Michael Mawyer. CAN plans include a teaser, or trailer, of five to eight minutes length, ready before February. The full documentary would be planned for a March 2008 finish date.


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  1. I can’t wait to see this documentary! This is a very exciting step forward for CAN that will surely deliver a significant impact on the public. Regardless of what we read in print, nothing compares with seeing it happen right before our eyes. This documentary will create lasting memories that will stimulate the audience to seek more information on the threat at home.

    Comment by Debra Ferrell | December 26, 2007 | Reply

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