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Authorities study online video threat against Germany, Austria

VIENNA, Austria (AP) – Austria’s interior ministry said Tuesday it was assessing a video purportedly from Islamic militants that threatened Germany and Austria.

Interior Ministry spokesman Rudolf Gollia said the roughly four-minute-long video, posted online, was predominantly focused on Germany and that Austria was mentioned toward the end.The video, among other things, glorifies the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and announces a winter offensive of the Taliban in Afghanistan, he said.

Gollia said the video also mentions the arrest of two alleged Islamic militants in September over another online threat, calling their detention a «mistake.» He added that the threat against Austria was «abstract.

In September, Austrian authorities arrested two men and a woman in connection with an online video threat against Austria and Germany that surfaced in March. One of the three has since been released. A fourth person was arrested in Canada.

Gollia said it was still unclear who created the video, adding that Austrian authorities were working closely with their German counterparts in trying to track down answers.

Extracts from the video are to be aired Tuesday evening during a current affairs program on Austrian broadcaster ORF.

Gerhard Jelinek, editor in chief of the program, said a link to the video was sent to one of his colleagues by e-mail and that the message indicated it originated from the Global Islamic Media Front, an al-Qaida propaganda group.

The video also focused on certain Islamic organizations considered too close to the West, Jelinek said.

Germany has some 3,000 troops serving largely in Afghanistan’s relatively calm north, as well as six Tornado reconnaissance jets.


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