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Communist Party of China supports Iran’s nuclear rights

(Tehran Times) TEHRAN – The Communist Party of China (CPC) supports Iran’s nuclear stances and is opposed to the powers that threaten the country in order to deprive it of its rights, Tian Duanhui, the deputy director of the West Asian and North African Affairs Bureau of the CPC International Department, said here on Saturday.

The United States is trying to make the UN Security Council issue a third resolution against Iran, but Iran’s situation has improved and conditions are not right for a new resolution, Tian told the Mehr News Agency.

Tian came to Tehran to attend the 8th meeting of the Standing Committee of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties, which was held from November 22 to 23.

Along with Russia, China has made influential efforts to prevent the United States from realizing its objectives in regard to Iran, he added.

Drafts of the Security Council resolutions against Iran were very different from what was issued in the end because China has always tried to prevent the use of harsh words in the resolutions and to include words that are acceptable to the country, he noted.

Washington seeks to topple the Islamic Republic government and is using the nuclear issue as a smoke screen, he said, adding that if the issue were resolved, the U.S. would adopt another pretext for interfering in the country’s affairs.

The Chinese official urged Iranian officials to adopt a policy of détente and to establish constructive interaction with other countries to obtain the country’s rights.

———– Israelis should leave Palestine

Tian said that China supports the Palestinian people in their efforts to liberate their occupied homeland.

“China has political relations with Israel, but the government and the Communist Party are calling on the Israelis to withdraw from the occupied lands which belong to the Palestinians. They believe that there is a difference between terrorism and legitimately defending one’s homeland,” he added.

“Israel is an occupying regime which has occupied Beit-ul-Moqaddas, (Syria’s) Golan Heights, and southern Lebanon. The residents of occupied territories have the right to defend their country, and the media are responsible for reporting this reality to the world,” he observed.

Tian said, “War is an inhumane disaster and not to the advantage of anyone. The Palestine crisis should be resolved through negotiations and the framework of UN Security Council resolutions.”

He expressed regret that the U.S. calls Hamas a terrorist organization, saying that Palestine belongs to all Palestinians and those who claim to be the promoters of democracy should respect the Palestinians’ vote.

——— Designation of IRGC as a terrorist group violates UN charter

Tian said that the world is opposed to unjustifiable accusations that others are committing terrorist acts just as much as it is opposed to terrorism.

The United States’ designation that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps is a terrorist group is a violation of the United Nations charter, he asserted


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