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U.S. enjoys nine-month respite from deadly jihadist attacks No overtly jihad-related deaths on U.S. soil since February 13 “hate crime” shooting

(Christian Action Network) During the previous week, from Saturday, Nov. 17, to Friday, Nov. 23, Islamic forces carried out 57 attacks, killing 453 and injuring 529 people of targeted religious and geopolitical ideologies.

The violence took place solely in foreign countries, no attacks from Islamic forces or sympathizers with global jihad took place in the American Hemisphere. The attacks occurred in 10 nations, according to Religion of Peace, [RP] a global monitor of Islamic religious war, or jihad.

The October report indicated 242 attacks by Islamic jihadist forces took place in 19 nations. Five religions were among the geopolitical targets of jihadist terrorism in October.

Attack statistics indicate victims are mostly from Muslim groups to intimidate them toward a more fundamentalist or purist form of Quranic interpretation calling for global Islamic rule.

The declared global jihad is an agenda push by terrorists to attack and mount up a targeted civilian as well as military and police body count as a means of strengthening Islamic religious and geopolitical interests according to recitations by their prophet, Muhammad.

The global jihad scored 1,252 deaths and 2,287 serious injuries in October.

The most notable October terrorist attack by jihadist Islamic forces took place Thursday, Oct. 18, in Karachi, Pakistan, where twin jihadist bombs killed 138 and injured more than 550.

News sources place the total dead from that attack at 170 as of late November; in the weeks since the attack, numerous injured victims succumbed to their injuries.

[The RP report does not indicate updated mounting death counts after an incident.]

The Karachi attack was an attempt orchestrated by al-Qa’ida to assassinate former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

A latest report through Fox News indicated an internal probe is underway in Pakistan following leads alleging one of the bombs had been packaged under or on a living baby, strapped within a one-year-old baby boy’s bundle carried on the back of the child’s jihadist father.

The ploy, Fox and Australian news sources said, was to gain access to the motorcade, and even closer access to Bhutto herself. Their reports agreed, stating Bhutto had motioned for the man to approach, but security intervened because “the man did not seem right.”

Also of note in October was the Saturday, Oct. 6 Islamic army raid in Haskinita, Sudan, in which preliminary reports noted 86 villagers massacred by forces of the Islamic Republic of Sudan. Injury reports are unavailable.

Of note last week were numerous attacks between rival sectarian Islamic groups divided along principle Shia and Sunni geopolitical lines. The violence killed more than 140 in the Parachinar region.

Injury numbers are not complete, but reports begin with several of the attacks in which more than 100 total were seriously hurt.

The last reported jihad-related Islamic attack in America took place on February 20, nine months ago.

A Muslim cab driver in Nashville, Tennessee, ran over a young Christian man after a discussion about religion. The victim’s injuries included broken ankle and hip bones.

The last deadly attack occurred a week previous, on February 13. A Muslim immigrant with at least one gun entered a gift shop and targeted Valentine’s Day shoppers.

Local reports indicated, “He mowed them down, five dead and four injured,” in what was noted as a “brutal hate crime.”

No other Islamic jihadist attacks are noted in the U.S. so far for the 2007 year.

More than 10,000 deadly terrorist attacks have been perpetrated worldwide by Islamic forces of the declared jihad, [a religious call for geo-political war] since Tuesday, September 11, 2001.


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