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as-Sahab Orders Cyber Jihadists To Post New Bin Laden Video On Western Websites Bin Laden apparently wants to ensure that a Western audience views his latest video message

(NTARC) Osama Bin Laden apparently wants to ensure that a Western audience views his latest video message which is expected to show up on the web in the coming hours.

The new al-Qaeda video containing Bin Laden’s latest message “must be posted to Western websites,” according to the terror network’s media arm as-Sahab. It has ordered cyber jihadists to post the video as soon as it is released.

“You must spread the new message from Sheikh Osama bin Laden in every way, especially via Western websites,” said As-Sahab, which produces al-Qaeda’s videos and audiotapes.

In a web message announcing the imminent posting of bin Laden’s new message, entitled “To the European people”, As-Sahab also gives instructions on how best to distribute the new video.

“Any means of distributing the video should be used in order to get the truth across to them about their war which they are losing and reveal to them the reality which they ignore,” said As-Sahab.

These and other comments posted on the Internet by al-Qaeda followers signal that bin Laden’s new message could cover the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan, where troops from various countries are deployed.

Given that it is a message aimed at a Western audience, it is believed to have already been translated and subtitled in English, as have previous messages by bin Laden and by al-Qaeda’s number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri directed at the United States.

The last two messages from bin Laden, released after three years of silence, were those of 11 September and 22 October this year.

The last one, in particular, made history in that it was the first message in which bin Laden admitted that some of his followers in Iraq had made mistakes. It called on Jihadists to unite.


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