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U.S. respite from deadly jihadist attacks continues Worldwide religious war is ongoing at the hand of Islamic terrorist forces

(Christian Action Network) Last weekend and through this week, Islamic terror forces carried out 28 attacks, killing 122 and injuring 166 people of numerous targeted religious and geopolitical ideologies.

The violence took place in foreign countries, no reported attacks from Islamic terrorist forces or sympathizers with global jihad took place in the American Hemisphere this week.

The attacks occurred in six nations, according to Religion of Peace, [RP] a global monitor of Islamic religious war, or jihad.

Attack statistics indicate this week’s victims are mostly from Muslim groups as a continuing effort to intimidate them toward a more fundamentalist or purist form of Quranic faith.

The declared global jihad is an agenda push by Islamists to mount up a targeted civilian as well as military and police body count.

The religious war’s objective is strengthening Islamic religious and geopolitical interests in keeping with the recitations by their prophet, Muhammad, seen as a holy representative of Allah, their god.

Last weekend’s jihadist attacks featured a brutal drive-by shooting in Narathiwat, Thailand, in which an elderly Buddhist couple died at the hands of Islamic terrorist gunmen.

Following revered Quranic instruction, Islamic terrorist forces struck Rawalpindi, Pakistan, residents in four attacks, one of them a murder-suicide bomber on a bus.

The bomb attacks killed 30 and seriously injured 55, in what Pakistani jihadists call a victorious campaign to the glory of Allah, their god.

Falluhah, Iraq, saw two kidnappings end last weekend with the victims turning up dead, murdered by Islamic terrorist forces as a religious duty.

In a statement released THursday attributed to Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda Islamic terror organization leader said to Iraqi Mujahadeen forces, “my brothers, you have done well to perform your duty.”

In Yala, Thailand, a middle-aged man died of gunshot wounds by Islamists while at a tea shop.

Three children were among the seven dead at the hand of a murder-suicide bomber in Kabul, Afghanistan. The explosion injured nine.

On Sunday, five more attacks killed 32 and injured 41 in Iraq, winning more praise from bin Laden. Separate car bomb attacks killed 11 and injured 35 as elsewhere in the city nine captured police recruits were executed by Islamic terrorist forces.

“Everything should be seen in the light of Islam,” bin Laden reportedly said, indicating the jihadist activities should be seen as a revelation of what Islam truly stands for.

To the glory of Allah in Muhammad’s name, jihadists slaughtered an 11-member family, including seven children, in Shab, Iraq.

Other Islamic terrorist forces citing the glories of holy war Sunday, Nov. 25, seized upon a vulnerable target in Pattani, Thailand: a disabled woman unguarded as she left her plantation home. The jihadists shot her dead.

The week saw jihadist Islamic terror forces following their prophet Muhammad in the attacks of 13 civilian and two military targets in six countries, killing 47 and injuring 61.

Soldiers killed include six Ethiopian troops on Monday in a populated area of Mataban, Somalia, at the hands of Islamic militia troops.

Violence in Basra, Mosul, Baqubah and Haditha, Iraq, through Thursday killed 18, most notable was a shepherd of Islam who followed the tradition of Islamic holy war and disguised himself like a neighbor to gain access to unsuspecting residents.

He was a murder-suicide bomber, and he scored nine civilians dead, three of them women, and injured 15 as he blew himself up.

Also following the Quranic creed were devout Islamists who shot a motorcyclist down in Narathiwat, Thailand. They stopped to check him and shot him in the head at close range.

Islamic devotion to Quranic obedience continued in Narathiwat, Thailand, with the abduction of two Buddhist fishermen Wednesday, Nov. 28, killing them and then beheading their bodies as an example of Islamic glory over those they proclaim infidels.

Also that day, Islamic jihadist terror forces grabbed and stabbed a man, shot him, then nailed him to a cross, leaving him exposed on a Narathiwat, Thailand roadway out of Quranic devotion against Christian beliefs in the atoning blood of Christ Jesus as blasphemous to Allah, their god.

Islamic terrorist forces bombed a Pakistani convoy in North Waziristan, Pakistan, Thursday, Nov., 29, killing five soldiers and injuring four. Also on Thursday, Jihadists shot a Pattani, Thailand, man dead.

The Quranic global jihad in October scored 1,252 deaths and 2,287 serious injuries. November reports are not yet in.

The most notable October terrorist attack by jihadist Islamic forces took place Thursday, Oct. 18, in Karachi, Pakistan, where twin jihadist bombs killed 138 and injured more than 550.

News sources place the total dead from that attack at 170 as of late November; in the weeks since the attack, numerous injured victims succumbed to their injuries.

Latest reports in that bombing indicate the murder-suicide bomber placed the explosives in a bundle along with a baby boy as an attempt to get past security guards.

The last deadly attack in the American hemisphere occurred on February 13, 2007. A Muslim immigrant with at least one gun entered a gift shop and targeted Valentine’s Day shoppers.

Local reports indicated, “He mowed them down, five dead and four injured,” in what was noted as a “brutal hate crime.”

No other deadly Islamic jihadist attacks are noted in the U.S. so far for the 2007 year.

More than 10,000 deadly terrorist attacks have been perpetrated worldwide by Islamic forces of the declared jihad, a religious call for geo-political war, since Tuesday, September 11, 2001.


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  1. People that defend their land and lives from the Bush administration are called terrorist, since this is a christian fundamentalist website i am not surprised that they attack muslims that are the real victim.

    Comment by Abdi from somalia | December 4, 2007 | Reply

  2. Islamic terrorist forces struck Rawalpindi, Pakistan, residents in four attacks, one of them a murder-suicide bomber on a bus. The bomb attacks killed 30 and seriously injured 55, in what Pakistani jihadists call a victorious campaign to the glory of Allah, their god. You call that defending your land? Killing innocent people on a bus that was no threat to the the people or ther land. It is confusing to me how people, Christian or Muslim can justify that kind of behaviour. Call me crazy…

    God bless and take care

    Comment by christianactionnetwork | December 5, 2007 | Reply

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