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Global monitor notes 87 dead by Islamic terrorists U.S., Canada, not included among nations struck by deadly jihadist attacks

(Christian Action Network) Islamic jihad declared years ago by Islamic religious leaders worldwide took 87 lives in Iraq, Philippines, Somalia, India, Thailand and Pakistan this weekend.

The U.S. and Canada remain off the list of victim nations suffering recent deadly attacks by Islamic religious terrorists.

Over the weekend, 74 so-called infidels were injured by jihadist forces of Islamic terrorism, according to Religion of Peace, a researching team tracking Islamic jihadist attacks.

Terrorist tactics have been declared holy for war against those noted by Islamic law as infidels, or any do not line up perfectly with Quranic beliefs.

Islamic terrorism, the belief in jihad, is yet to garner unequivocal condemnation as evil by other imams of Islamism or by major Islamic advocacy groups.

There was no thanking God it’s Friday for 26 killed and 34 injured, kicking off the weekend of carnage in the name of Islam. Attacks featured an Islamic militant ambush of Philippine soldiers in the Sulu region, killing eight.

Three Islamic jihadists gunned down a Muslim man in a mosque in Borbhere, Somalia; the incident is seen as the lawful cleansing of Islam from moderate views seen as polluting Islam.

Also on Friday, an Islamic campaign of sectarian terrorist raids reported from Baghdad, Iraq, killed 17 and injured 34 across the nation.

Following revered Quranic instruction, Islamic terrorist forces on Saturday, December 1, gunned down a man outside a mosque in Yala, Thailand, and tossed a grenade into a market, killing two and injuring four, in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The Islamic terrorist forces in Iraq scored 14 dead and 20 injured in separate attacks, a murder-suicide bomber in Madaen, and a death squad attack at the village of Dwelah.

The Islamic holy war’s objective is expanding their religious and geopolitical interests in keeping with Muhammad’s recitations of the words of Allah, their god.

In a recent statement attributed to Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda Islamic terror organization leader said to Iraqi Mujahadeen forces, “my brothers, you have done well to perform your duty.”

It was another Sunday, bloody Sunday for Iraq, in Mosul, Iskandariya, Garma and Baqubah, a murder-suicide bombing, a mosque shooting, gunmen at a cockfight and other attacks killed 34 and injured at least six.

“Everything should be seen in the light of Islam,” bin Laden reportedly said, indicating the jihadist activities should be seen as a revelation of what Islam truly stands for.

To the glory of Allah in Muhammad’s name, jihadists in Somalia killed four and injured five civilians in attacks by Islamic terrorist forces.

Jihadist Islamic forces following their prophet Muhammad murdered two Narathiwat, Thailand residents in their pickup truck, throat-cut a seminary student to death in Sopore, India, and opened fire, killing three, injuring five, at a Charsadda, Pakistan, cockfight.

The last deadly attack in the American hemisphere occurred on February 13, 2007. A Muslim immigrant with at least one gun entered a gift shop and targeted Valentine’s Day shoppers.

Local reports indicated, “He mowed them down, five dead and four injured,” in what was noted as a “brutal hate crime.”

No other deadly Islamic jihadist attacks are noted in the U.S. so far for the 2007 year.

More than 10,000 deadly terrorist attacks have been perpetrated worldwide by Islamic forces of the declared jihad, a religious call for geo-political war, since Tuesday, September 11, 2001.


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