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Border Patrol chief: Mission is only to stop terrorists, terrorist weapons

(One News Now) A public-interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption says it has obtained a videotape of a Border Patrol sector chief which could shed light on the illegal immigration problem in the United States.

Judicial Watch (JW) says it obtained the videotape and transcript of an August 15, 2007, town hall meeting in Laredo, Texas, through the Freedom of Information Act. JW president Tom Fitton says Laredo Sector Chief Carlos Carrillo told the audience that the Border Patrol’s job is not to stop illegal aliens, narcotics, or criminals, but to keep the nation safe by stopping terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the U.S.

Such a limitation on the Border Patrol’s range of responsibilities is “absurd,” says Fitton. “This official’s description of what the Border Patrol is supposed to do is absolutely crazy,” he offers. “[Of course] we want the Border Patrol to stop terrorists. And the best way to do that, we think, is to stop virtually everyone from crossing the border in an unauthorized manner.”

But Fitton wonders if Carrillo inadvertently exposed the true attitude of other officials at the Border Patrol. “My concern is that [he] is kind of incorporating an informal attitude of top officials at the Border Patrol,” says the Judicial Watch leader. “The question is, is he speaking for anyone else there?”

Regardless, says Fitton, the fact that a top official with the Border Patrol feels that is the agency’s mission “actually explains a lot in terms of where we are in terms of illegal immigration.”

The Laredo Morning Times quotes Carrillo as telling his audience on August 15, 2007, that the Border Patrol is “not equipped to stop illegal immigrants.” Nevertheless, according to the videotape, agents with the Laredo sector (in the ten months preceding the meeting) had been credited with apprehending more than 50,000 illegal aliens, almost 10,000 criminal aliens, and the seizure of more than 62 tons of narcotics.


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